Friday, September 30, 2011

My Week In Pictures

There have been a few likes and dislikes in my week.  I've got nothing better to do so I figured I would show you.  I'll begin with the things I've disliked all week.

1. Drought

2. Overpriced sleepwear.  Are you kidding me?!?

3. Hours with NO water while at home….bored…restless…and jobless.

4. Expensive Vets (Sofie just hates vets period...notice the tongue!).

5. ‘May Cause Drowsiness, Dizziness and Blurred Vision’ medications

Lucky for me I have just as many Likes to make up for the dissed ones!

1.  My husband’s ‘Feel Better Soon (a.k.a. Get over your hormones)’ breakfast.

2.  Brainstorming Buddy (Keeps me company all day long).

3.  Grocers with good teabag selections.

4.  Workouts with my favorite person.

5.  *Sigh* favorite person!

6.  Facebook changes. (Ha! I just thought I would be the exception to all the current complaints)

 I hope you all had a great day and hope you have an awesome weekend!

Quote of the Day: "If you look for the good in life, you will find it". ~Anonymous

and because I can and want to, I will add another:

"Have a sense of humor about life - you will need it. And be courteous." ~Peter Jennings

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