Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Water Bottle

So I've not done the best at keeping up my posts.  The good news is that I've not traded it in for just sitting on the sofa wasting my day.  No.  I've been keeping up my eating.  Oh!  Update on that 21 day challenge.  Actually I had a post all ready for that but decided it was way too long so am working on breaking it up.  That will come soon enough.

Anyway, I've been sticking with my workouts.  In the gym and out of it.  I've been staying true to my workouts at work and have grown to crave my Piloxing workouts.  At home I'm trying my  hand at yoga.  I've been having problems with my hip (from my stair spill back in August) so I thought maybe if I work on some flexibility that would help.  We'll see.

Well since I've been sweating up a storm I've been trying to keep up the water intake.  I usually carry around a water bottle I got free at a church I visited.  The little flip cap broke so I tried to repair it by taping it on.  It works for the most part.  I was at Walmart today getting a quick oil change.  While roaming the store in wait, I came across the water bottle selection.  I don't know why I've not considered buying one before. Probably because I keep getting little free ones.  So anyway, I found one that I really liked.  It not only has the screw top I like that's found on the regular store-bought waters, but it also unscrews below that so that you can add ice or clean it.  I can't tell you how hard it was to try and use a baby bottle brush to clean my old bottles.  This one is so awesome!  Can't wait to use it during my next workout.

And that's my update for the day.  Hope you're enjoying this beautiful weekend!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The First Three

Part of the reason I like this plan is that the meals are simple and easy.  I don't have to do too much.  This is just a quick photo post of the meals I've eaten for the 1st three days of my challenge.  It doesn't look like much but has been just enough to get me through the days. 

Day 1 Breakfast: Cheese toast, orange, green tea.

Day 1 Lunch:  My Fit Foods small lunch of chicken breasts, apples, grapefruit, walnuts and a couple of marinated olives.  Not exactly on the Rotation plan but it worked since I was out all day.

Day 1 Dinner:  Salad with rotisserie chicken and raspberry vinaigrette.

Day 2 Breakfast:  Oatmeal with a T of cranberries and a splash of skim milk and 8 oz OJ.

Day 2 Lunch:  Chicken broth cup, salad tossed with vinegar, tuna with vinaigrette on bread.
Day 2 Dinner:  2oz Salmon  and 2 cups mixed veggies with seasonings cooked in parchment together.
Day 3 Breakfast:  Flax flatbread, 1 T peanut butter, 1/2 pear, unsweetened chai tea, water.
Day 3 Lunch:  Flax flatbread, mixed salad, 2 oz tuna with raspberry vinaigrette.
Dinner planned tonight is a Boca patty, steamed asparagus, side salad, 1 oz cheese, one orange and water.
Enjoy your day!
Quote of the Day: “Humor keeps us alive. Humor and food. Don't forget food. You can go a week without laughing.” ~ Joss Whedon



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Vow, I Promise, I Resolve?

What was your New Year's Resolution?  I don't generally make them.  I set goals to do something different but I tend to choose vague ones.  They can go either way.  If I don't reach them then....well...I just don't.  No consequences.  No beating myself up.  I get over it quickly and move on with life. 

But this year is different.  This year I've set two goals and I think I've done it in a way that makes me a little more grown up about the whole thing.  I chose one that's challenging but for a limited time and one that seems crazily impossible but it's something that will benefit me if I can at least make an effort.  That being said, here are my resolutions.

1) Go hard with my healthy living for 21 days.  Up until now I've just been going with the flow.  I work out and I try to each as healthy as possible.  It's been slow going but I didn't want to rush things. I didn't set an amount of weight to lose but I did set a pant size.  I reached it (without even knowing it!). I didn't vow to eat strictly one way or another.  That worked out fine until November hit and injuries and laziness followed.  It's amazing how when I couldn't workout I ate terribly.  There's something wrong with that.  My head was not in the game.  So I gained a little back and then had to get back into it (which was hard).  By the time I hit my groove, my CF classes were cancelled until the beginning of the new year.  Since my head wasn't in it, I sat at home and barely worked out and ate terribly.  In my defense I'm blaming it on the fact that I had the pressures of family visiting and no me time.  Yep.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

So, what do I mean by going hard?  I happen to know in order for me to stay motivated I must see some good results.  While I did OK for a good majority of the year, I can't say that I pushed as hard as I could have.  Or resisted temptation when I should have.  For me to get the results I need to stay motivated I, along with a reluctant sister, have committed to my 21 Day Challenge.  The theory behind this is that it's only 21 days and when that time is complete, we will see such good results that we will continue and set another goal for another 21 days.  The challenge is simple.  We follow The Rotation Diet by Martin Katahn.  That's the food portion. We will also be working out.  She will be doing her treadmill workouts along with some Leslie Sansone Walking Workouts.   I will be sticking with my lunchtime Crossfit classes at work as well as some at home workouts and my new favorite cardio workout of Piloxing a couple days a week.  As much as I like CF, I'm never thrilled with the cardio-heavy days.  Therefore I needed something to keep it fun.  I'm still a zumba fan but I like the heavy sweat I get from this (along with the music!).  That's it!  I know if we stick with this for the next 21 days we will see results we can be proud of.

2) Work hard to lessen my road rage.  Now this does not mean I tail people that piss me off and follow them in a blind rage.  No.  I just yell, curse and growl in the confines of my car.  My husband pointed that out.  He's a patient man and doesn't drive that often. Of course he sees the error of my ways.  Ugh!  So this seems impossible to me right now but that's only because I've not wanted to face the fact that my actions are just not that attractive and does nothing to help me mentally or physically.  I've no plan on how to do this yet.  As I was on my way to class today I was mindlessly yelling to the car in front of me that basically stopped in the middle of traffic to get over in the other lane with no blinker.  He was wrong of course but my yelling didn't make a difference to him.  All it did was get my BP up and sour my mood.  Good thing I had 60 minutes of cardio following that to knock the hellishness right out of me!  So that's my crazy impossible goal/resolution/vow.  Pray for me.

Those are my grown up resolutions.  I'm comfortable with the 21 days and a bit daunted by the rage remedy.  That's ok.  I fully intend to succeed and hopefully you will be able to follow my progress.  Still working on the blog laziness. 

Quote of the DayThis bright new year is given me to live each day with zest . . .to daily grow and try to be my highest and my best!~William Arthur Ward