Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beyond Relaxed

I'm such a baby.  Last night I was reading the bottles on the meds and each said take one three times a day.  I asked the husband, 'Do you think that means take both at the same time?'  He said yes.  I don't think he was really listening to me though.  I hemmed and hawed 30 minutes before opting to take just the relaxer.  I sat there a while thinking on it and finally decided to call my little sis. She's got tons of experience with pain meds due to her arthritis issues.

My Thrifty Gift Process
 I asked her the same question.  She told me to take them both.  As we are discussing other things, I get up and take the pain pill also.  Then said says, 'Wait. Do you get drowsy when you take the 800 milligram ibuprofen?'  Eight-hundred!  I get drowsy on the 200 milligrams if I take two of 'em.  After telling her this she says  I should just take the relaxer and see how I feel later before taking the pain med.  I freaked out a little telling her I had already taken it while we were talking. Then she tried telling me it would be OK and I'll just sleep until noon. 
There was no sleeping in for me.  I slept soundly but got up at 7am to take Baxter out. I forgot to give him a leash and I'm almost sure I fell asleep standing there watching him. Luckily he just stood there waiting for me to notice he was done.  Needless to say I went back to bed and slept until 11.  It's been years since I've slept in.  I tell you I was beyond relaxed. Still am actually.  Oh well. 

The sleep in caused me to forget I had accepted an invitation for a 5 mile walk this morning.  Luckily I got a phone call from them but they had read last night's post and realized I might not be up for it.  On top of that, I forgot  we were suppose to get the twins birthday gifts today.  Since I was still feeling woozy and we are on a budget, I decided to make something instead of going out to shop.  By regifting and a little big of crafting, we have a decent gift for the girls.  Now, I think I'm going to catch a few winks before the squealing fest called a birthday party.  Joy....

Quote of the Day:  If I can see it, if I can visualize it, I know quite simply, that I can do it….and it will be…

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