Friday, September 23, 2011


So went to the Dr. today and it seems I have bursitis in the shoulder.  I've been going 3 weeks with an annoying ache and telling myself it was ok.  The husband convinced me that even though I thought I knew what the problem was, sitting here popping ibuprofen without getting a proper diagnosis was probably not a good idea.  Sadly every time the pain got stronger, I would consult WebMd.  I knew better but I did it anyway.  It's addictive.  Unfortunately I can be a worrier and after checking symptoms you can darned near diagnose yourself to death! 

I finally gave in and called and they got me an appointment the same day.  I just want to say I have one of the best general practitioners out there. She listens, she asks questions, she even remembers what we talked about at my last Well Women's check up.  And I don't necessarily mean medical questions.  She asked me how my husband's classes were going and asked if my Sofie finally passed her obedience classes.  She rocks. 

Anyway I was sitting there in the waiting room watching the television that only shows health related shows. These little clips I can tolerate. They are pretty informative and always hold my attention.  Today there was a 10 minute story on outdoor gyms.  I had no idea putting these things in parks cost so much money.  I'm convinced the ones the husband and I frequent at the park near our home didn't cost half as much as the ones shown.  After all, they are all made of treated lumber and steal bars. Nothing special but very effective. 

Back to my diagnosis.  Shoulder Bursitis happens when there is inflammation of a particular area within the shoulder joint that is causing my painful symptoms.  I'm told I have at least 4 weeks before it gets better.  That sort of sucks but at least there's nothing something terribly wrong with me.  I'll refrain from walking Sofie with that arm and stop lifting heavy objects.  Not sure about the pain meds (Vicoprofen) and the muscles relaxers. I will be trying one tonight.  If they don't make me too loopy the following day, I will at least use them to finally get a good night's sleep.

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UsefulMom said...

Oooo, muscle relaxers? Enjoy them. :)