Thursday, September 1, 2011

All Purpose Yogurt

I was reading Carli's Running Into Shape post about her go with Greek yogurt.  I have to say I had the same results she did. I did not care for the flavor.  What I did like was the consistency.  It was much thicker than the regular but I still couldn't get past the flavor so I gave up on it.  Add to that I'm fairly thrifty and could not see shelling out $2 or more for a small single serving carton!  I'm use to spending a couple of bucks for a 32oz container.

I had forgotten about it until one day I was watching a cooking show (can't remember which) and the cook was showing how to use yogurt in place of other higher fat dairy items.  Because of it's often runny consistency, it needed to be drained.  A strainer was lined with a coffee filter and the yogurt left for a while to drain.  I tried it and really liked it.  I get the flavor I love but a more tolerable consistency. It's pretty awesome.

I no longer use the strainer technique. Since I only use a little at a time for recipes, dips or the occasional parfait, I just use the coffee filter in a small canning jar.  It really works out well.  If I want it really firm, I change out the filter a couple of times until I get it where I want it.  I've had some draining in the fridge for the past couple of days and decided to take pictures of the process.   

Yogurt, Filters, and a jar w/lid.

See that whey? I really don't like it!

Spoon into filter holding in place.

The lid will hold the filter in place. Leave it to sit in the refrigerator to drain for a few hours.  I let mine sit for a couple of days because I needed a very firm texture.

This is the end result.

That's about it.   Simple and easy way to get thicker yogurt.  It is awesome to use for fruit yogurt too but I generally like to add my own flavors/fruits to plain yogurt. That way I control the sugar.  I also use this same technique when I want an extra firm cottage cheese.

Well, off to bed to read a bit.  Have a good night!

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