Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Year Rope

I've been looking for ways to add some spice to my home workouts.  I've been almost forcing myself to get up and do something...anything.  I'm fine once I'm in the gym but there is no enthusiasm to actually make me want to go there. I know, I know....what else is new.

Today I didn't even make it.  Taking the dogs on a walk this morning was more appealing than actually going to the gym so that's what I did. I can't say it was a real workout either because I can only go so fast with Baxter in tow.  He's older and a little less patient about the walks so we have to keep it at a good pace for him. I kept telling Sofie (who's more than willing to run) that we are only as fast as our slowest partner.  She looked at me like she understood and then rolled her eyes.  Yeah, my dog has attitude! Lol.

Arriving back home, I found my husband just getting up. He asked if I was going to the gym. I said no. He eyed me up and down and then pointed out that I had on workout clothes.  I told him I was planning on doing a DVD.  I didn't but it sounded good. Well, once he left I found myself feeling like I needed to do something so that I was not a liar.  I decided on Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds Super Challenge 4 Miler.  I barely made it 2 miles before the DVD player decided to die.  I'm still not sure what's wrong with it.  In any case, I was going to call it good and quit but decided I had nothing better to do so I may as well do something else.  I spotted my workout basket of goodies and the jump rope was hanging out.  I decided to try my hand at it.  When I purchased that rope about 5 years ago, I was just starting out. I couldn't even jump 30 seconds without gasping for air.  Consequently, I put it down and have hardly touched it since.  Well, my status is only a little better now but my attitude is better about quitting something new. I tried it and found I can just hit 2 minutes non-stop but man o' man it was tough.

How we did this as kids is beyond my adult mind.  I did some research on jumping rope and learned it is an excellent form of exercise.   I learned it works several muscles and gives the core a good working out.   If done properly, it seems to be a great workout for most anyone.  So i've decided to challenge myself by working up to a full 15 minute rope workout.  I found a workout that I'm hoping to follow.

■Warmup – 3 minutes (easy pace)

■Rest – 30 seconds

■Jump rope – 30 seconds (fast pace)

■Rest – 30 seconds

■Jump rope – 45 seconds (fast pace)

■Rest – 30 seconds

■Jump rope – 1 minute (fast pace)

■Repeat intervals – rest for 30 seconds / jump at a fast pace for 1 minute

■Repeat – 15-20 minutes

I fully expect this to take me a while to be able to jump a full 30 second fast pace without getting tangle, but I'm determined.  Wish me luck! 

Quote of the Day:  "Try something new today that is a challenge for you, and then plan on doing it again tomorrow. "

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