Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday's Challenge

It's been a challenging day!  I got up early this morning and the lazy bug hit me so I didn't do a workout.  No Shaun T, Jillian, Beto or Husband.  Nope.  I took the pups on a walk and came back and took my time getting ready for my day.  Funny thing is that when I do this I always find myself running late.  Go figure.  Anyway,  my lack of drive is not what this post was supposed to be about.

I did find that drive believe it or not.  I struggled through the morning trying to stay awake, focus on my work, keep my 'polite' filter up and not insult anyone around me.  I know when I have nothing nice to say I should just shut up.  Today it was so very hard.  Sarcasm was rolling all around inside my head.  So anyway, while trying to control my tongue and stay focused, I found myself drifting at my desk.  I didn't mean to.  Really!  I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes for a second and boom!  Hands stopped moving and I caught myself in a nice little dream.  When I woke...ahem...came to...I noticed no one even saw me.  Phew! Of course after looking at the clock I realized it was only about 3 minutes.  How do I know this?  I was timing a task and had been writing down the time when I stopped and started.  It was at this point that I decided I would definitely be going to the 1:30 cross fit class and I would hit it hard to build some wake me up energy.

I showed up and was not my chatty self.  This is not my regular class and the ladies there had not yet seen my 'workout only' face.  The instructor came to me and said, 'Smile'.  Man...this was a different group than I'm used to.  They are a little more uhm....I don't know....chummy?  So I put on a smile and pushed as much as I could.  I don't know where they were in the AMRAP stage but I felt like I was giving it all I had.  I ignored them as I did my thing.  I don't mind saying I was groaning like a madman when it came to the pull ups.  Oh man it felt great!  But the best part was the end when we did the breathing exercises.  It was just what I needed to get me through the last half of the day.

When it was all done and I was cleaned up I had about 15 minutes to eat a bit of lunch.  Today's lunch was just enough. And Also very tasty!

I split a sweet onion roll and topped it with mixed chopped fresh spinach, pico, and shredded cheese.

I grilled it and wrapped it for lunch.

Perfectly filling grilled sandwich and a side of applesauce/yogurt with ground granola.  Yumeh!!!

Hope your Tuesday was Terrific!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Encouraging Exercise (a.k.a. My Little Rant)

I had the unfortunate chance to become annoyed with a friend (and fellow crossfitter) recently. She does crossfit at another gym and that is the only workout she will do. I on the other hand mix things up just to keep myself going. I do crossfit at work and on days that I’m not there (or not lazily sitting on my butt) I do zumba, dvd workouts, old school tae bo from youtube, jump roping, hula hooping and whatever else I find to be interesting. So, anyway we were discussing what our workouts were looking like for the week. I told her since I had been absent from crossfit for a couple of weeks I needed to ease back into it but needed to get back on the cardio in a hurry so I planned on some multiple zumba classes. She said, ‘Ha Zumba?!? You can’t be serious. That’s not a real workout!’ I had to get myself together before responding because I immediately swelled up with anger and annoyance. This is not the 1st time I’d come up against this attitude. I went into my rant about how first off no one has any business putting another’s workout down. She had never even tried it. I told her if she tried a good class I can almost guarantee she would come away winded. Yes…a winded crossfit lung! I love me some crossfit but I equally love zumba…and African dance…and biking….and whatever else gives me physical joy through sweat.

I walk with a group at work because it’s a good form of movement in the middle of a day worth of sitting. For most of the group this is their only workout of the day. Do I look down on them? Hell no! It’s better than them doing nothing! I encourage them to go farther, faster and longer. They encourage me to drag my lazy butt to crossfit or zumba after work. What’s this ‘my workout is better than yours’ attitude? That’s some mess right there! 

So people think before you speak . If you know someone who’s just starting to work out and it may not be as intense as you’d like, encourage them instead of putting them down. Besides, what you think is tough and bad-assed is probably a walk in the park to someone else.

Drop the mic...