Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trying New Things

Cha Sui So (and one Gin Doil)
So a friend was talking to me the other day and she made the comment that it must be hard for me sitting at home, looking for work and being bored.  Yes, I might have thought the same thing but surprisingly enough, it has been the opposite.  There are times when I do feel restless but it's mainly because there are so many possibilities that I can't narrow it down. No, I am finding ways to maximize the benefits of unemployment.  I have found that this opportunity has made way for me to be more social, try new things and consider options I would never have thought while working. 

T's Ma Pow Tofu
We had a mix of old and new friends over a couple of nights ago and we discussed everything from religion to politics to food.  It was exhausting and fun.  That was the third day in a row that I had actually sat around chatting with friends.  Even though some of my days began with uncertainty, they ended up being quite fun. I'm finding that I'm more open to spontaneous guests and the occasional phone call.  Yes, I'm definitely more social. 

As stated in an earlier post, I'm looking to volunteer.  This was something I thought I never had time for in the past.  That was really just an excuse given there are several weekend opportunities for volunteering.  Now I'm realizing that there really is more quality to living when you do things for other people. Earning a paycheck use to be what I thought was important.  But it's not really living right?  Sure, you are supporting those you love and those who need you but moving beyond that comforting thought can be hard.  Once I let my mind consider moving further, it was on.  I'm liking the possibilities of finally doing something from the heart that doesn't necessarily include me getting something back anything but satisfaction.

The Best Pot Sticker Ever!
And finally I'm trying new things.  I've just started keeping track though.  Yesterday I tried a tea lounge at a friends suggestion.  It was OK.  I liked the look of the place but it's probably not somewhere I would go hang out.  Maybe if I were a teenager.  I didn't do so well ordering and ended up with a Lemon Dried Plum Green tea concoction that tasted like potpourri.  No worries.  I will probably try it again and order something different before deciding if I really don't like the place.  Today I tried Dim Sum for the first time. I didn't get to bring my Asian cuisine extraordinaire but I did go with a good friend.  T is always down for trying something new and she did surprisingly well.  She tried the Gin Doil which was a sweet lotus seed paste in a crispy fried sesame seed ball.  It was slightly sweet and had a complex texture.  It was dessert-like.  I had the Cha Sui So.  It was a flaky french pastry turnover filled with Chinese B.B.Q. pork. I loved the crust. The pork was ok but not the greatest.  We had a lot of food in front of us as we also ordered lunch specials.  We had no idea how the dim sum would come out or even how big it was so a backup was needed.  Everything was pretty good.  Given the $2.99 price of the Dim Sum, I will definitely go back and try it again though I will try a different tea. I've had better Chrysanthemum tea. 

My safe and easy Lemon Chicken
So again I am counting this time as a blessing and getting as much out of it as possible.  Who knows what adventures tomorrow will bring but I'm ready for it.

Now I guess I can finally sit down and relax.

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