Thursday, September 1, 2011


I love grapes. The purples ones.  I really, really do!  But you know what? When I buy a large bag, I almost always forget they are in the crisper.  I'm down there a lot for other things that are hardly as tasty or easy. I was in there yesterday for lettuce and tomatoes that needed to be chopped for a salad, carrots that needed grating, and green onions that needed to be sliced.  Seriously, I went in there three separate times and not once looked at the grapes. 

I get home today feeling good about myself because although the heat was whispering McD's Caramel Sundae to me, I guided the car home convinced I had something just as good. I made a quick pasta salad, added some chopped grilled chicken and finished it off with a low-fat, super crunchy (a.k.a. hard) cookie.  I threw in the cookie because I really wanted something sweet.  It was not the most satisfying treat.  Later I took a much needed nap.

Well, I just got up and took out the puppies and came back really craving sweet.  I had more cookies but just couldn't bring myself to eat another.  I decided to distract myself and begin deciding on what we would have for dinner.  Well, lo and behold, I go to the crisper and the grapes almost leaped in my hands. Grapes, glorious grapes!  They were just what I needed for another hot day.  They were so crispy, juicy and sweet and so much tastier than the cookie rocks. 

So, yep. I like grapes.  Well, off to find a spot of shade and learn the game of petanque (the husband is teaching me).  Hope you all are having a good day and are staying cool!

Quote of the day:
"I've been on a diet for two weeks and all I've lost is fourteen days."

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