Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just a Spit

OK.  I get it.  We didn't know drought.  Now we do.  We might have taken cooler temps, rainy days and even ice for granted.  We were wrong to do that.  It's possible we've now learned how to conserve water. There are some who've even come out of prayer retirement and have been pleading (and even dancing) for some moisture. 

I like to believe we get only what we need but this is the view I get to see each morning on my walk.  I feel bad or the ducks and geese.  Yes, there is a certain fascination with the cracked ground for me....it looks pretty cool but that doesn't mean I want to see it all the time.  God, can you please, please just chalk this up to our experience and water your lawn ball again?  Please?  Just a spit?

Thank you.

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