Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Snug Returns

Don't you just love it when you go shopping for clothes and realize the last size you wore is a little more snug than it use to be yet the next size up is baggy and shapeless?  Oh you don't love it?  Well neither do I!  Not even a little bit. 

My husband convinced me to go shopping yesterday.  Anyone that knows me well, knows I am not a big fan of shopping for clothes.  I would have turned him down had he not pointed out that if I'm to be going on interviews, I should probably purchase something a bit more business casual.  He also added that I shouldn't be looking for jeans because I have more than my share of them.  I'm not sure if I've noted it before but when it comes to fashion sense, my husband is far better at it than I am.  I told him I have plenty of nice clothes and pointed out that he liked my last interview getup.  His response was 'It was nice but it kind of looked like your 'Sunday Best'.  I was speechless at first, standing there with my mouth hanging open.  Before I could speak, he added, 'It was good for the joy you were interviewing for but now that you have the time you should consider re-doing your wardrobe.'  I really couldn't argue.  That dress actually was my Sunday best.

So we went shopping.  I picked out some things and went to the dressing room with 5 pieces. I left with one.  Unfortunately, the size that I thought I wore no longer fit me the same way.  It was snug in all the wrong places. I grudgingly replaced it with the next size up.  Sadly enough, that size was just bad.  Every piece looked like it was swimming on me, too baggy or too long.  I tried to recall TLC's 'What Not To Wear Rules' for short, thick women but I couldn't find anything that looked just decent.  To please the husband, I ended up with a shirt and slacks (that he never got a chance to see on me).  I later learned that he didn't choose a pair of pants because he had the same problem.  We discussed our snug problem and decided we really need to get back to our schedule or else the next time we try on clothes, the next size up will be snug instead. This unemployment business is trying it's best to push me in the wrong direction.  I refuse to go back to the weight I was.  It's just too hard trying to lose it again.

I woke up this morning with a better attitude.  I worked out, ate a sensible breakfast and decided I really didn't like the shirt after all.  It was meant to show the waist and all it did was hang on me.  After the hubby left, I bagged it and returned it.  I tried a different store.  It was definitely a better experience.  I found a nice pencil skirt and a tailored shirt that looked interview worthy.  To make it even sweeter, I got them both at clearance price!  I still need shoes to bring it all together but I'm convinced I have something that will work. Well, that and I my stomach was clouding my judgement because I was so hungry.  I figured I had better call it a day before I decided it was OK to treat myself to a drive-thru meal.  I was good and came home and made a pretty delicious lunch .

I felt pretty good about my accomplishments today and have told myself that I will work on reducing the snug problem. 

Quote of the Day: "There is a way to look at the past. Don’t hide from it. It will not catch you–if you don’t repeat it."


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