Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Bright Side

There are some days when you just need things to go your way.  I would prefer this happen everyday but I know better.  I always appreciate when things go right, so I gotta have some of the go-wrong days to get that.  Anyway, I just want to rant a little bit about some of those unfortunate days.

First let's discuss this navigator business.  I've complained so much about how much I hate being lost.  Seriously I get lost coming out of Walmart if I don't take the time to note in which row I'm parked.  It makes me anxious.  If I'm invited to an event that happens to be in a location I've never been, I began to research it days before.  That's how anxious I am.  In the past I've googled, mapquested and memorized directions so that there is no chance of me driving around aimlessly.  That's good right? Well, more often than not, I still end up lost.  Sometimes I'm not even lost.  I just lose my nerve before the destination and convince myself that I must have missed the exit.  I must have made a wrong turn.  Google and MapQuest didn't tell me that Loop 1 and Mopac were the same. 

Yep.  I'm hopeless....or am I?  Recently I broke down and got a new cell phone.  I finally hung up the good old flip.  Don't laugh. It served me well.  Luckily, I'm the thrifty sort and realized it was not necessary for me to over pay for a phone only to have to turn around and pay for a data plan.   I went with a no-contract company and purchased a $69 phone with a $45/month plan. At the time I was only getting it because it had buttons (I'm not keen on the touch) and looked easy to use.  Well, wonder of all wonders, this one had a navigator. 

I have used the hell out of that function.  So much so that it gave me new confidence when going places I've never been.  Well let me tell you, this is not the best thing.  Why?  Well, sometimes a person can become overconfident due to the added ease of technology.  When that technology fails, what's an overconfident person to do?  I'll tell you what they do. They end up listening to the navigator repeat over and over 'Take the next legal U-turn.'  And where does that U-turn take you?  To the same damned field of nothing.  Yes there I was talking to my dogs who had since lost interest in this trip of ours.  I was trying to find this pet store that was offering low-cost vaccinations and heart worm preventatives.  I didn't bother printing out the directions I googled because the navigator seemed to be following the same route.  Oh!  Also, my sister was coming from out of town with her puppies too and guess what?  She called me saying her navigator kept telling her to make a U-turn and it was taking her nowhere.  See how technology can fail a person?!?  Luckily, we finally found it with the old school method of stopping at a gas station and asking directions.  I would have liked that to go my way from the get-go but in the end it turned out well.  My babies got vaccinations (including Bordetella) and six months of heart worm flea preventative for only $100.  I'd say that deal was worth the drive.

Well, that story went longer than I expected so I will just keep the remainder short.

I've been looking at $3.17 gas prices for the past few days but I wasn't in need of any so I just kept going. Since I've been making 2 trips a day to my friends apartment to walk her dog and feed her rabbit while she's away, my gas gage was dropping faster than usual.  Well, I decide to fill up today and everywhere I passed said $3.25 or more.  I'm very disappointed in the rise and the fact that I need it now.  I'm stubborn so I'm riding on a quarter tank right now hoping it will drop again.  I need it to go my way before I hit 'E'.

I finally decided to sort my clothes and donate.  This resulted in a very large and heavy bag of clothes.  I dragged it to the car and took it to the Donation Station.  The clerk was sitting outside.  I asked her if I needed to take the bag in or would she get it.  She pointed to the metal box saying I could drop it in the shoot.  Well, I looked at it and then at her.  She was not budging.  It didn't look as if it would fit. She said it would.  I struggled to lift it (she's watching) and guess what? It didn't fit.  But you know what else happened?  I remembered I'm suffering from shoulder bursitis.  The burning, shooting pain triggered my memory. The clerk said, 'Oh. I guess you can bring it in then.'  I got pissed and dropped it and told her she could take it in.  She looked surprised when I drove off.  That all should have been nice and easy and went exactly as I thought it would.  But it didn't.  On the bright side, my closet looks fabulous now.

And finally, as I said earlier, I'm dog and rabbit sitting for my friend.  Her dog is spoiled and I just trained it to walk on a leash.  The rabbit is good though.  Show it a banana and it comes running.  The dog?  He's coming around.  After a week, I was confident that he was starting to like the walks and was getting the hang of a poop and pee schedule.  Well, I was in a hurry yesterday and had to rush our walk.  He pooped early on and I only had the one bag so I used it.  I guess he wasn't done because on the way back, in the middle of the sidewalk, he decided to give in to nature once more.  I had no bag and I couldn't just leave it there.  I had to run with him dragging to a poop station for a bag and run back before anyone noticed.  I'm seriously ready for his owner to return.  My dogs are so smart and well behaved compared to this dog. Pooping on the sidewalk?  Seriously?

I think I've complained enough so I will try to work on the bright side.  The phone is great and the functions even greater.  The navigator has helped me find my way home on more than one occasion.  I have no control over the gas prices and no amount of complaining or delaying will stop my car from needing it, so I will be thankful that it's not higher and I actually have the funds to fill up.  This dog situation has been a challenge.  It has made me realize how good my dogs really are.  Some days they drive me crazy but if they were anything like this dog, I don't know what I  would do.  So I'm grateful for the go-wrong days because they clearly help me appreciate the go-right days.

Quote of the Day:  When things go wrong, you'll find they usually go on getting worse for some time; but when things once start going right they often go on getting better and better. ~C.S. Lewis

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