Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pleasant Mornings

A perfect Saturday morning would be getting up early on my own time.  No alarms, no dog whiney's, no urgent bladder moments.  I could get dressed in long pants, my favorite Tee, broken in shoes, and a comfy hoodie and hit the trail for a good morning walk/jog.  Oh yeah, with my trusty husband at my side.  We would do our six miles, come home, cleanup, maybe go out for breakfast and spend the rest of the day chilling and watching movies while snuggling on the sofa with the fur babies.

Yes, that would be great.  Of course that's not how my morning played out but the reality version wasn't half bad if you look at it from another angle. Maybe squinting on some parts and definitely stretching the blessings on others.  Thanks to a marathon reading of  'Water for Elephants', I got to bed at about 2am.  Sofie had to go and whined for a half hour before she did that annoying screeching let-me-out drama bit.  Instead of throwing on workout clothes, I pulled on okay-smelling yoga pants from the floor, slipped on fleece-lined moccasins, pulled on a fleece jacket over my granny gown and let the dogs drag me out into the crisp cold.  I was chilly and mighty nice.  Because they had to wait past 7:30, the pups didn't waste any time doing their business and we were back inside in no time.  I was still sleepy so I told them to go back to bed.  Surprisingly they did.  I pulled off my getup and got back in bed.

I slept another hour or so until my mind could no longer tell my body to stay put.  I lay there making a list in my head of all the things I wanted to get done today.  When that happens, no more sleep can be had so I rose and officially started my morning.  I put crescent rolls in the oven and the kettle of water on the stove.  Before long, the place smelled of freshly baked bread and the kettle was whistling.  I poured myself a cup of tea, buttered a roll and sat down to watch some HGTV.   I forgot to mention the husband is still suffering from a treacherous cold so is still in bed.  The cold is just a cold but he's a guy and claims its the worst cold in the history of colds.  So, I snuggle under the throw with a dog on either side. 

So it was no perfect morning but rather pleasant.  Trying to get in the habit of locating the blessings in my sometimes crazy life, I have selected just a few that made this morning worthwhile.

1.)  Crisp fall air is wonderful after a super crazy hot summer.  It's like a long exhale. Nice.
2.)  Even though I didn't get up on my own time, it was still nice to not wake until light poked around the shades on the window.
3.)  I can't tell you how much a teakettle whistle on a cold morning excites me.  It's a tea-fan thing. Strange, I know.
4.)   Freshly baked anything, on a cold morning, with good tea.  Oh yeah...
5.)  Comfy PJ's (gown), thick socks, fleece throw, swallowing sofa, and a warm dog for either side makes for a pretty good relaxing moment.

I'll take this morning any day.  If things continue this well, maybe I'll get in a workout later and scrounge up a friend or two to have lunch with (leaving the ill Baby home of course).  I'll just go where the day takes me.  Have an awesome weekend!

Quote of the Day:  “October is a fine and dangerous season in America . . . a wonderful time to begin anything at all.”  ~Thomas Merton Quotes

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