Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh Yes It's Ladies Night!

I admit it. I'm a recluse.  OK...that's a bit dramatic.  But I stay home a lot.  Why?  I just don't have a lot that interests me right now.  OK...that's not really true either.  I'm just lazy.  My husband is surprised that I stay home so much.  He never really noticed it before because while I was at work, he was gone and then when he was in school at night, he didn't realize I was lazying on the sofa.  Well, now he knows.  I think he was beginning to believe I was suffering from depression.  I quickly squelched that idea.  I told him it's not really depression but more like laziness.  Yes, I can be very lazy if given the chance. Luckily, I have him to make me at least feel guilty for it.  He doesn't have to try.  In fact he discourages such talk.  To him me telling myself that I'm being lazy is an excuse for not doing something.  Well?  Isn't that lazy?  

The cupcakes. Pretty huh?
What I do know is that tonight I got up and socialized and it was good.  There was a Ladies Spa Night event being held here at the complex.  I didn't even know about it until yesterday.  Guess I should have actually read the flyers, emails and postcards the complex sends out.  Anyway, I read it and called to get information on it.  They said they only invited 20 ladies and I was on the list.  Hm...?  It just so happens I was dying to try a new cupcake look and this would be the perfect place to get rid of the trial run.  Perfect!  It said to bring your favorite wine and/or an appetizer.  Mine wasn't exactly an appetizer but what woman can resist a chocolate cupcake?  None that I know.  So I went with it.

Unfortunately, I didn't time my day correctly and I ended up rushing around to finish it. I picked up a bottle of $5 wine (that they all seemed to know and love) and found a reclaimed sandwich tray to put the cupcakes on.   I took a couple of snapshots and was out the door 15 minutes later than the start time. Luckily I had a swipe key to go in through the back door.  I showed up and everyone ooh'd and ahh'd over the cupcakes.  I must admit, they were kinda cute but I knew they weren't my best so I couldn't even bask in the to-do.

Cupcakes aside, I had an awesome time.  I met several ladies, got my hands exfoliated and moisturized, sampled too much wine before eating and got roped into catering the next ladies night.  Oh!  I also hit it off with a new Mom there that had so much in common with me that we had to make sure we weren't somehow related.  I found out she has a down syndrome daughter and they will be doing the Buddy Walk Sunday.  They same walk I've been excited for all month long.  We are even planning to do the Komen Race together.  It was so crazy but so much fun.  I'm glad I went and was very proud to announce to my husband that I have 2 new events on my calendar.  He beamed with pleasure.  Or maybe that's just what the wine made me see.  I'm no longer tipsy so I think he's quite happy that I actually got out and had a good time.  Or maybe he's glad he's off the hook from going everywhere with me.  Humph!  All he has to do is say no.  Ha!  Yeah.  Even I don't buy that I would be OK with that.  Oh well.

I guess I will go and spend some time with him and the puppies before I settle down with a book in bed.  Hope you all have a wonderful night.

Quote of the Night:  A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. --Coco Chanel

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