Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And I Smile

It's been an OK kind of day.  You know the days where it would have been awesomely spectacular if that one, itty bitty 'THING' didn't claw it's way ahead of the good crowd?  It made it's way to the front of my mind and yelled and shouted and made a bit to-do about nothing.  It was just ridiculous doubt (I call it Ricky D) that I created out of a five minute blunder.  Well, Ricky D collided with Perfection Me and there was a rumble.  It lasted all of 30 minutes before Optimism broke it up.   Took some doing but Ricky D went back to his corner and Perfection Me back to hers.  I just love it when Optimism is the referee in those matches.  Everyone comes out feeling much better.

Well, my optimism made me feel like alright.  When I'm feeling the tug o war between those other two, I have to really work at filling that space with something else.  Why not some feel good moments?  So, on my drive home today, I got to thinking about the things that made me smile this week.  I'm sure you are dying to know what they are so I will just tell you.

1.)  Sofie's crinkle 'mean' face when she's stalking a bug and Baxter's 'I'm confused' head tilt as he's watching her and trying to figure out what she's doing.

2.)  My husband's terrible attempt at telling a joke.  It almost always gets lost in translation.

3.)  A good friend of mine has twins; a boy and a girl.  She regularly posts pics of them on Facebook.  They are the most darling kids I've ever seen.  (That's saying something considering I'm not always taken with little ones.)  I have yet to meet them in person but I have to plan that trip.  I have to got see if they are really that cute or if she just has an amazing talent for capturing that 'something' in her photographs.  Anyway, I see those pics and I always smile.  Still so happy for her!

4.)  I did a DVD workout before work today and was smiling from ear to ear after realizing I finished a full 50 minutes without stopping.  Hells yeah!

5.)  Getting a text from a friend (in the middle of the workday) that reveals a very amusing fact about an old friend, a pole, single dollar bills.....

6.)  Getting out of my car, smelling wonderful aromas in the air, opening my front door and realizing that aroma is the result of my husband cooking dinner for us. 

So I'm smiling and will keep on smiling.  What made you smile today?

Quote of the Day:  "What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable." ~Joseph Addison

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