Monday, October 17, 2011

Good Endings

So, I finally cheered myself up. Sort of.  I decided to concentrate on other things.  I'm listing five things I'm very thankful for today.

1.)  Waking up after an awesome night's rest. Compared to my suffering husband it was awesome.
2.)  Finding the will to find things to keep myself busy.
3.)  Still being able to look at my husband and have my heart skip a beat. does that on the regular but still...
4.)  I'm very thankful for the way I was raised.  My parents did a hell of a job.  I'm feeling very grateful after having witnessed a strain of family ties regarding my in-laws.  So very lucky I was raised in a family that believes in ironing out problems w/o so much drama.
5.)  And finally I'm thankful for an uneventful day.  Sometimes we say we want excitement but when that excitement brings problems you weren't expecting, it's not so shiny and new.  Again, I'm OK with a simple, quiet, plain and to some, boring, day.

Have a heck of a good night!

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