Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Birthday

I've been stuck in a funk of sorts the past days.  Not down but just odd.  I've no energy to do much of anything all of a sudden.  Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean I'm sitting around all day.  I stay busy.  Aside from the lack of motivation, I've actually had a few good days.  My birthday was awesome and laid back.  The days following were just as good and just as calm.  Forgive me but I'm just going to keep writing what's on my mind until I figure out how to say what I'm actually feeling.

Let me back up.  My birthday morning brought the surprise of a love note on my nightstand from the husband.   He also also made me breakfast.  He did the same thing last year but this time the letter came without any prompting from me.  He had to leave for the day which left me alone. Since my only non-working friend here had left for the airport earlier that morning and everyone was working, I had no companion who could help me celebrate.  I got an email from AT&T not to long ago that gave a free movie so I watched Bridesmaids. It was cute and mostly funny.  Then I got bored and restless and ate cookies.  I used the excuse that it was my birthday so I should be able to eat anything I wanted.  Smh....I know...I know....

About an hour or so after I finished the movie and the entire bag of cookies, my phone rang.  It was THE job I interviewed for.  Not the 'I-hope-they-DON'T-call-me' job.  It was the one I knew I wanted and could do well.  They wanted to know if I was still interested in the position?  Uh....hells yeah!  It was a conditional offer of course.  Backgrounds had to be run but I barely heard any of that.  I got THE job offer on my BIRTHDAY!!!  After I hung up, I didn't really know what to do with myself.  I couldn't sit still.  I danced around the living room with the dogs.  They didn't know what the deal was but I could tell they were having a good time. 

My husband came home early to my dancing.  I told him the news and he made me a lunch of Tilapia, Attieke, Tomato Ginger Sauce and Alloco which is basically fried fish, cassava couscous and fried plantains.  It was delicious and obviously more satisfying than the cookies.  We planned on going out do dinner later but when the time came, I wasn't hungry so we ended up going to The Yogurt Cup with friends instead.  It was just what I needed.  The company was great and there were plenty of laughs.  The poor clerk didn't know what to do with people our age hanging out and acting much younger than we were.  The place was dead and we had it all to ourselves.  A couple came in and ended up joining us.  It was an exceptional night.  As fun as it was, I was happy to get home and spend the last few minutes of my day with the husband.  He lit a candle and had me make a wish and blow it out just before midnight.  That was cute, creative and surprising so I told him so.  He said he saw it on T.V and thought that must be something American women liked.  Lol.  Sweet man but we need to talk about this 'do as they do on tv' thing. 

So yeah. That was my birthday.  Pretty awesome huh?  I like to count my blessings on this special day.  I got a love note, a free movie, me time, a job, a nice date (w/friends), a midnight wish and....I think you know. Lol.

Hm.  Seems I've just talked myself right out of that funk up there.  I always say even when I'm not looking, God just keeps on blessing me!  I'm very thankful.

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