Friday, April 1, 2011

Funky Fresh Friday!!!

So, it's been quite a week.  I wimped out on my afternoon workout with the girls.  I was just so tired and I had pushed pretty hard in the gym that morning.  Finally had to realize that my body DOES need to rest every now and again.  I spent the evening with the dogs and then watching a sing-sational Grey's Anatomy.  Got up this morning and still didn't workout.  I'll just save that for tonight.  But!  I did make a pretty awesome lunch.  I've been lacking on my creativity for the lunchbox lately.  I had some energy this morning so I made a simple, economical, and tasty lunch.  BTW, the parfait is homemade. Its a balsamic and blackberry reduction sauce with granola and fat free yogurt.  Yums!!  Feast your eyes on this:

Turkey meatloaf, greens, balsamic blackberry yogurt parfait (homemade), tea

And a closer look just for you!

OK. I have 9 minutes to make it to work on time.'s Friday.  Maybe not. 

Quote for today: Troubles, they may come and go, but good times, they're the gold.

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