Monday, April 4, 2011

Dine with Me!

I've found that working with women is an experience.  Especially when they all seem to be dieting.  In an 8 hour day, I swear there is talk of food about 6 hours of those eight.  We have a two hour reprieve due to an hour breakfast and an hour lunch.  In any case, I am asked at least once a day what type of diet I'm on.  I say I'm not on a diet.  I just eat balanced meals and workout.  They don't really believe me.  For how could you possibly lose weight by just doing that?  And eat what you like?!?  Ridiculous! I shrug and carry on with my day.  They all know I eat as healthy as possible most days. They've seen my lunches.  That brings me to my post.  I was putting my meals together for tomorrow and thought I would share.  If I don't put them together the night before, there's no telling what odd combinations (and sometimes unhealthy meals) get slapped together.  Now mind you, I do the bulk of my cooking on the weekend and freeze them.  Then each evening, I plate what I'm going to eat the next day on a paper plate and pop it in the fridge.  This gives me time to come home, workout and pop that plate in the microwave.  Simple and easy.  So, here is my menu for tomorrow.

Breakfast: Bran muffin, 8oz 1% milk, 1/2 C strawberries
Lunch:  Smoothie consisting of a banana, 3/4 C FF yogurt, 1T wheat germ, 1/2T ground flax
Dinner:  3 oz. salmon, 1 C steamed broccoli, 1/2 C brown rice, side salad greens with lemon juice.
Snack:  I have an orange and a pear in case my stomach starts rumbling at any point in the day and the tea is not helping. 

Here are some pics.  And again, I tried to make them look real pretty. The muffin and strawberries are actually wrapped in plastic and the milk in a water bottle.  But the lunch and dinner are pretty much as I will have them.

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