Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Morning Sensation

I was chilling in bed this morning and my thoughts were to get up, take the dogs out and then take Sofie on a walk/run to wear off some energy.  I got to the part of taking them to potty but it ended there.  But this time, not due to laziness.  No sirree Bob!  I had the energy and even clipped on the pedometer and nestled the cell in boobage but then it hit me.  Alex had mentioned that we were doing the Sunday Six this afternoon.  I'd made the mistake of walking 3 miles and then doing the Sunday Six once before and I don't intend to do it again.  Anyway, I have to give a parallel parking lesson this morning at nine.  So, I got back in bed but because I wasn't at all tired, I  got restless and got up.  What does one do when she has nothing to do on a lazy morning?  Take silly pics of her fur babies of course!  Sofie wouldn't cooperate but Baxter was good enough to sit still.  Enjoy the newest sensation to hit dog-dom!

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