Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Challenge of Food- A Pictorial

On my journey to a healthier me, I am enjoying coming up with new meals.  Fresh (and frozen) fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins have made the food  a cinch to keep in check.  Of course that doesn't mean I don't slip up every now and again (thanks to hormones!).  I'm more interested in being healthy and am not a big fan of starving myself to get to some number on the scale.  I do indulge every now and again but even then, I'm keeping track of how much I'm consuming but with meals like these, it's easier to come right back.  I do believe in order to eat healthier, it takes a bit more time than pulling into a drive thru.  But boy, is that extra time worth it! 

7 minute eggs. These guys more often than
not rescue me on the lazy cooking days.

My awesome lunch box!
Fun boxes make any lunch enticing!

Makings of chicken veggie wrap. That's
a multigrain flat-out on the side. High
fiber and very flavorful.

Apricot Granola yogurt parfait.
If you've never tried it...you simply
Berries w/FF whipped cream.
I was out of yogurt but this worked well.

Breakfast of coffee,OJ,egg whites, bread.
So the coffee is creamy and the bread is sweet....sue me!

Steel cut oats, OJ, tea.
My 'I need comfort' type of breakfast.

Organic Strawberries
Most of these end up in smoothies.

Turkey meatloaf, mashed sweet potato and mixed veggies.
A solo weekday dinner.

Turkey sloppy joes on asiago roll. Saturday afternoon
special lunch and movie with the honey.

Apricot tart and biscuits baking for a Sunday morning brunch.

Lemon water, water and more water!
I'm a big fan of water in case you coudn't tell.

A sinfully delish indulgence!
Hey...I said I slip up.  Gelato is the bomb!

Another awesome lunchbox.

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