Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tea for Me!

I've recently revisited my love of black tea. For some odd reason, I've been choosing green tea more often than not. It's not like I really care for the taste. So, I have been buying flavored green. I think I might have gotten it for the antioxidant properties but black tea's properties are relatively the same. My only guess for this odd tradeoff would be that I was at black during the colder months and it suddenly warmed up (in the office) and iced tea was where it was at. But the only black teas I was drinking were earl grey, english breakfast or chai. I don't like either of those on ice. Hence, buying the green. So, I had been drinking it until I hit a brick wall with a super bitter green. This flavor was so typically green, even my lemon and sweetner couldn't disquise it. Then I thought, 'Why am I still drinking this if I don't like it? I should find me something better.' I somehow ended up at the grocery store last night and ventured into the tea aisle (my favorite). I perused the greens but my eye kept going to the black. Why was I skipping over it? I love black tea! So, I boldly stepped up to it. My boldness went even further. Instead of checking out my go-to brands, I was eyeing the new brands. I decided on the brand Vinis. I think I might have tried it before but couldn't remember it so it must have been a while ago.  Anyway, I picked up an orange flavored and a strawberry one. They were new to the store and had an introductory price of $1.79 per box. Can't get much better than that! So, I took them home. Since they were going to be iced, I decided to just make a pitcher. I brewed the strawberry. Since I like my tea sweet, I addded a little sugar.  Don't wag your finger at me!  I don't do artificial sweetners if I can find real sugar.  I'm always partial to the real thing in moderation.  Anyway, I sweetened the tea and tasted and wonder of wonders, I liked it! I will have to try the orange this weekend as I have already downed half that pitcher today and know it will be gone by tomorrow. So, Vinis for the summer it is!  And for those of you that don't know....tea is a good replacement for snacks. Yep!  Unsweetened tea sipped between meals, tides me over until I'm hungry for a next meal.  I started doing this because sometimes I'm really only thirsty and not hungry.  That snacking was just out of habit.  So there.  And yes, I do realize that picture looks like an advertisment.  But I like to showcase my teas.  So why not make it smile pretty? Hahaha...

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