Friday, November 4, 2011

Picture This Week

It's no secret that I've been living this view a lot lately.   
It has made me more open to the idea of this....the wonderful world of public transportation.  It has to be better than the intense, rush hour rage me.  This is my husband's favorite part of the commute.  Well, mine too I guess.  I like to kiss part a lot. Lol.
I've even started noticing the great bike lanes we have.  Because of it (and my sense of urgency to get back to my previous fitness level) the hubs and I dusted off the bikes and hit the lanes.  It was nice, cool and we were worn out when we got home. It was great!
I've been caught dipping in the cookie jar.  Sue me.
Despite the cookie thing, my work lunches have been pretty decent.  I eat things like this.
And this (that's my homemade granola)....
....and this.  I get bored in the break room so I take pics of my food.
The hubs has been feenin' for ice cream like mad.  I introduced him to cones.  He's hooked.  I know...I'm bad for it. But it's nice to see him not be so darned food perfect sometimes.
This looked interesting.  I purchased.  I learned an important lesson.  Skinny Choco Latte has tons of caffeine. Tons!  It is not good for me to drink. It does bad things to my heart rate.  However, it worked well in my new chocolate-like banana smoothie creation.  A little goes a long way.
I attended a workplace craft fair.  It was pretty awesome.  I made this one purchase.  It was too cute to pass up.
My husband took it upon himself to purchase a 'vintage' Mikasa dinnerware set at a moving sale.  He wanted to surprise me.  He said 'I thought you would like it. It has color!'  I didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't my style but it definitely beats the 3 stoneware plates and 4 plastic ones we had before. 
I have tossed the plastic grocery bags, and traded in the reusable store branded bags these cute ones. They are rather large but fold down to look like this.
This was my Halloween desktop image for our in-office PC Wallpaper competition.  No one else thought to use a cause for theirs.  Needless to say I won. 

So, it's been an almost exhausting week but it was good.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Have an awesome weekend.

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