Monday, November 28, 2011

Get Motivated!

The husband and I attended the Get Motivated Business Seminar today. In a word, it was awesome!  I think the experience was just meant to be because everything fell into place so perfectly.

To prove my point, let me tell you how it all went from the planning to the event.  Last night (at the last minute) I finally decided to map out our trip.  This had to be done considering the traffic.  The instructions said to get there early because there was limited parking.  Well, seems there were only 2 parking lots on the provided map for the convention center.  I checked and realized I would be paying $9 for a full days worth of parking. That's IF I even got a parking spot.  I started looking around for other parking options (online) and nothing really satisfied me.  I was getting discouraged and more than a little aggrevated.

The husband was sitting near me watching TV and noticed my chagrined face.  He asked me what was wrong and I told him about it.  It was then that he reminded me that I had asked him about the park and ride option.  This turned into a great reminder because that's exactly what we ended up doing.  We were up at 5:30 and at the bus terminal by 6:45; just in time to catch the 7am bus.  It was freezing (really...the temps were at freezing) but luckily we didn't have to wait long.  The ride was about 45 minutes.  I would be lying if I didn't say I was getting antsy and annoyed at the many stops.  And don't get me started on the little girl that had a full 25 minute cell phone conversation where the entire bus could hear.  Don't kids text now?

See the too-close chairs.
 Anyway, we hit our stop at exactly 8am (the time the seminar was to start) and I was hoping there were other late comers too.  I was not disappointed as we got caught up in the rush of black pea and trench coat pedestrians trying to make their way to the same destination.  I heard snatches of conversation about how bad traffic was and how horrible it was to find parking.  At that point, I was so very grateful to have taken the metro.  We got there and found good seats.  Again we heard more grunts and groans about the parking situation. 

Colin Powell
To shorten this adventurous story (I can get long winded, I know) I will just get to the point.  We began with Howard Putnam (CEO of Southwest Airlines).  He was very good and motivational and made very good points on how to run a successful business.  Following him was Krish 'I'm Not PC' Dhanam.  He was hilarious and managed to made some ridiculously good points.  I really did enjoy him.  Then we got to see Colin Powell.  Of course he was THE man.  I was so excited. My husband was just as excited and soon left my side to get closer to the stage for pics. 
Following him came this other guy who had many tables, graphs, pie name it, he had it.  I don't really recall his name.  He was pretty good if you were into learning about your investments and how to make them count.  I would have totally enjoyed him had his presentation not lasted 45 minutes.  Wayyyy to long for pre-lunch information.  Everyone was starving and squirming and wondering around it seemed.  By the way, lunch was not at noon.  Luckily I had packed sandwiches, nuts, fruit and water.  The food provided in the back was crazy expensive.  No way I was going to spend $2.50 for a 10 oz bottle of water. 

Just before lunch we got a presentation by General Stanley McChrystal.  Equally as motivating as the others. Then there was Tamara Lowe.  She did the rap that's gone viral on YouTube.  Very interesting and spiritual.  Finally lunch was out. We went in search of other food but there weren't many places that didn't have 50-60 people standing outside waiting to get in.  We found 2nd Street Market to get more water as it was cheaper.  Even the line there was ridiculous.   We made it back and got better seats and had our lunch there (as did many others).  On the return we got to see Mary Lou Retton.  She was so cute and I felt like I was 12 years old all over again after watching her clip her famous gold medal win.  Another very spiritual presentation. 

Bill Cosby

Amazingly, she was followed by the wonderful Bill Cosby.  I expected them to save him for last but there he was.  He did an amazing job and kept bringing up things Mary Lou said. I found that to be most awesome.  He was hilarious of course.  Again, the husband ditched me in search of a better pic.  

The ball.
After Mr. Cosby, came a real estate dude.  Unfortunately, I can't recall his name because it was about that time a headache decided to invade my joy.  His presentation started out funny but once he go into the 'numbers of real estate' bit, everything got foggy and I was a little light-headed.  We made it through the entire thing but left just after he finished.  We didn't get to see Mary Buffett or Rudy Giuliani but I think I'll live.  However, we did score two beach balls from a pump up segment. The ride home was welcomed as all I had to do was close my eyes and let my Excedrin to it's thing.

 We had a 15 minute wait for our bus so we strolled along to see some sights.  Austin definitely has some interesting sights.  I got just a few on my camera phone. Not the best I know...

It was such an amazing experience made even better by the fact that I got to share it with my husband thanks to the extra ticket from my job.  I told him that the seminar defined him as a leader.  He shushed me and looked embarrassed.  But he is that...a leader.  I'm blessed, happy and newly motivated.

Quote of the Day: 'Never, never, never, never give up!'~ Winston Churchill

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