Monday, November 7, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again

I'm back in the saddle again
Joined by the husband and friend
Where the the sweat-soaked bodies feed
Off the workout buddy's need
Back in the saddle again.

Yes, that's right.  I finally got back in the gym for some serious business.  I've been there off and on but the workouts weren't challenging.  I was just not feeling them and am not even sure I ever broke a sweat.  Well the husband and I got in there this morning after having a talk about how it feels to quit.  We addressed how I would feel if I fell back to my  'before' and how much work it would take to get back what I once lost.  This was my motivation to actually push beyond the lack of drive. 

We were up at 4:30am and in the gym by 5.  It wasn't too bad since daylight savings time ended.  We hit the treadmill first.  I was thinking I was really working at 3.8 but then the husband started jogging next to me.  I had agreed that when he started running, I would too.  I increased my speed and kept up a steady jog for 3 minutes.  I probably could have gone longer but I psyched myself out.  You know how it is when you are doing something and in the middle of it you start to believe the doubting voices that are trying to convince you  that you can't do it?  Well, that's what happened there.  I started beating myself up after I had been walking  a while.  I quickly recognized what I was doing and pushed passed it and increased the speed again.  This time I hit 4 minutes before slowing.  I kept up a steady run/walk pace for 30 minutes.  It felt good.  When I finished my husband smiled at me and told me he was proud of me.  I basked in that smile until he said 'Now let's do some weights'.   My arms were spaghetti when we were done but again it felt so good. 

Perfect for lunchtime workout wipe down.
 This morning's workout set a good pace for my day.  I was in orientation all day and was growing more and more tired the longer I had to sit and listen to things I already new.  Once we finally got a lunch break, I decided I needed to build some endorphins if I was going to make it through the second round of speakers.  Because we had a longer lunch, I decided to take a 30 minute walk and then eat.  That was wise but I was worried about the fact that it was warmer outside than anyone expected.  When I was done, I went to the ladies room and rummaged through my purse for some wipes.  I was out.  I began to worry and then a co-worker came in after the Pilate's class.  She was there to change.  I told her I went on a power walk but neglected to pack my wipes.  She handed me some Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths.  She claimed they were good for all around use.  I had never tried them but let me tell you, they made a world of difference.  I would recommend them to anyone.
I made it through the 2nd half of the day with more energy and I didn't have to worry about how well my deodorant held up. 

Now that the evening is upon me, I can sit decide how much I appreciate the added activity.  I must admit I'm feeling the effects of our morning workout and it feel great.  I feel the muscles in my butt, back and arms yelling at me when I make any sort of move.  Finally feels like I actually went in there and did something.  This sort of soreness is pretty awesome.  I have to remind myself of this feeling the next time I feel like half-assing a workout.  I'm very thankful that I have a husband who loves me enough to remind me of the goals I set for myself.  I'm also thankful that he knows how to push me without killing the joy I find in the small accomplishments.  Yep...I love him. 

Quote of the Day:  A buddy will keep you honest and add a dimension of fun to your workout.  ~Bill Toomey

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