Friday, May 11, 2012

Snub Me? Go Right Ahead!

I'm no skinny-Minnie.  I'm no muscle maiden either.  I'm a work in progress. Keeping this in mind, here is what happened to me today.

I went to Cross fit and it started like any other class.  The class was filled with regulars with the exception of one woman.  She looked to be in pretty good shape if visible muscle tone showing through spandex is any indication.  She was standing next to me.  Me who tends to still wear the XXL men's t-shirt and yoga pants that are getting baggier by the day.   Anyway, we started warming up for a medicine ball workout.  The instructor wanted everyone to pair up.  Normally, we all just choose the person next to us.  I turned to her and she looked me up and down, then turned to the guy behind her.  He looked uncomfortable and wasn't sure what to do.  I usually pair up with him when my coworker is not there. Seeing she didn't want to pair with me, I said whatever and found someone who didn't have a partner.  She didn't know me!

When the team moves were done, we followed the board protocols.  Being a 1st timer, she didn't know what half of them were.  She asked me about a couple of the moves.   I wanted to be ugly and ignore her.  But remembering God don't like ugly, I did the next best thing.  I told her to just follow along with what I was doing.  And I couldn't resist but added, 'Just do the best you can.  We've all been doing this a while.'  I know that was bad but I couldn't help it.  She incorrectly assumed because I am not shaped a certain way that I couldn't hang with her?  Please!  I'm competitive and let me tell you I busted out those moves and then started the protocol over to move to advanced.  Again....she just didn't know who the heck she was dealing with!

Keep up the good work people!

Quote of the Day: "She don't know me. I'll break her down like a fraction." ~ Cora in Meet Brown Meadows

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