Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shadow of Peace

I'm sitting here listening to my husband talk about the political discussion currently airing.  He is very much into the argument.  I would say he's passionate but he would scoff at it.  He always says he's not political.  Lol.  I see different. When he gets this way, I tend to only half listen. Shame on me...I know. But every now and again (like now) I catch something he says that snaps me to attention.

Discussing how everyone wants something from political leaders but not everyone gets what they want.  He compared it to the political strife in his country.  Admittedly the situation there was much worse than anything we suffer here but the phrase would fit anywhere.  He said, 'Everybody wants fruit from the tree but not everyone can have it.  Some have to fight for the piece they are able to get; others have to be content with the shade because it's free.  This shadow is peace.'  He was referring to people making compromise regarding the choice of leader in his country.  Some didn't like the change but that change brought peace that the country had not seen in years.

Gotta love someone who can see fertilizer instead of crap!

Have a Happy Mother's Day!

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