Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Mood Food

I'm proud to say that I have gotten to the point where I use working out as a sort of therapy.  I've had a lot of crap going on in my life lately and if it weren't for a little sweat, I might have given in to the negative side effects of it.  Sitting at work the other day I got yet another text from family with an update on my sick sibling.  I immediately felt my body tense up and my mind started doing that thing where it goes to the worst case scenario. I sat there trying to fight it off and concentrate on my work.  Then I felt the beginnings of another tension headache.  People, stress is no joke.  It can and will make you sick!  When I finally stopped to take a break, I reached for my phone to call them and get more information.  Something stopped me and I called my husband instead.  He listened to my concerns and told me to calm down and pray for a bit.  Then he asked me if I intended to go to the gym after work.  I had not thought about it but then it dawned on me that this was exactly what I needed.  I told him I might do that to work off some of the stress.  Figuring he wanted to workout with me, I told him I would come straight home.  His response was, 'No.  You stay and do the Cross fit class and then when you come home, we can run on the trail.  This will give you an extra workout. You need it.'  I listened and did exactly that and it was a good move.  After an hour and a half of sweating, I came home smiling and feeling like things weren't as bad as I was making them out to be.

Working out has now become my good mood food.  Who'd have thought that?!?

Have a great weekend!

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