Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tabata Beatdown

What I've learned today is that if you see your workout class carrying water bottles and no equipment (medicine balls, ropes or kettles) leaving the gym in a herd, you should probably ask where they are going and what they will do before falling in behind them.

I did that today and I got my butt kicked all over the field behind the gym.  Just when I thought I was getting the hang of Crossfit, the Sgt throws in a day of Tabata Protocol.  The title alone belted out of his military influenced mouth should have been a warning. I had a slight headache and low motivation so anything I saw or heard seemed difficult.  I decided times like this I need to work through the doubt.  Hmph!  What a time to start it.

In case you are wondering a tabata workout is a timed workout that lasts 4 minutes long. It consists of 20 seconds of hard (intense) exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, and then you repeat this 8 times. Unfortunately for us, the afternoon is longer than 4 minutes so we couldn't just stop there.  I don't know when the tabata part ended and the Sgt insanity began.  It was hard. Very hard.  It almost beat me.  We'll have to see tomorrow. A friend told me she didn't think she was ready for this type of workout yet.  I told her she would need to go into it blind and ignorant to get there.  She laughed thinking I was joking asking if that's what I did.  Absolutely!  Not only did I ignorantly follow; I also was blind to what was on the field when I got there.  Next time I have a headache and know my head is not in the game, I will ask instead of just following along ignorantly thinking today might just be the one easy day for working out.

Instead of trying to explain everything we did, I figured I would just Google some images.

My group started with ball slams

Moving on to atomic pushups

Then the tire flips. For my back's sake, I pray I did these correctly!

Sledgehammer Slams.  I kinda liked these.
After the Sledgehammers, we had another row of tires to flip.  I've decided I don't like the tires very much.

Not sure what these were called.  For the record, our group did the easier knees bent , straight back version.

After we completed these suspensions, we were back where we started (ball slams) and then we had to end it with pushups.  My time was just under 4 minutes.  Very slow compared to many others but I was just happy I finished everything.  I walked away from it with shaky legs and arms.  Did it feel good?  I wouldn't go straight to good.  I'd have to work my way around confusion, disbelief, resentment, hate, hope and then relief before getting to good.  Right now I'm only at relief.  I'll let you know another time.

Good night.

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