Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Bow Out

Thursday I have a standing 5:15 appointment with a group of coworkers who have also committed (loosely) to Crossfit.  They've been at 2 days a week for almost 4 weeks now.  Turns out I'm an inspiration and one of the few reasons they keep the appointment.  How about that?  I was both surprised and a little flattered.  My cube buddy says watching me go most everyday and not give in to junk food and bringing my lunch everyday keeps them going.  Well, this past Thursday I opted out.  I knew they would give me a hard time about not being there so I sent them a nice email. 

Sweatin' Divas,

I regret to inform y’all that I will not be in attendance today. It will be too uncomfortable to work it like I should so I’m going to bow out gracefully. But don’t worry. I’ll be hopping around in front of my TV doing a living room workout in honor of you.
Peace Out!

I got outraged and funny responses.

Da and Ro: What happened?
Me:  Eve happened.
Ro:  Ah...well, carry on.

Da:  That ain't no kind of excuse.  Eve handled the flow with a fig leaf.
Me:  Eve was crazy.

Eema:  You'd better have a good reason!
Me:  It's the same thing you suffered last week and I let you out of it.
Eema:  Oh. Well... OK. I'll pray for you sista'.

Di:  Then I don't think I'll be going.
Me:  Don't make me come over this wall and drag you. Better yet, I just saw Sgt in the hall. We tight...I can make him come and have a talk with you.
Di:  I'm just playin' girl.  I'll be there....cursing you for not being there with me. Lol.
Me:  That's more like it!

I've not worked there very long but these ladies keep me in good spirits and I will continue to try to encourage and inspire them to keep moving.  I held true to my word.  I did a workout in my living room.  It was Jillian's 30 Day Shred.  That's one tough workout but I was able to do so much more than I had prior to starting Crossfit. 

It's me and the hub's 2nd Anniversary so we've been relaxing and enjoying each other's company on this raining and cold weekend.  We've not worked in a workout but have done plenty of walking and seeing the sights.  Come Monday we will be sweating it out first thing since I have the holiday off.  I'll be back with the fit group Tuesday.  I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend!

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