Sunday, February 12, 2012


I'm one of the most recent fans of Pinterest. At first I wasn't all that into it. My little sister sent me an invite months and months ago and I ignored it. Then she would post a few pins on her FB page that I thought was cute, clever or drool worthy. Finally she called asking why I had not accepted the invitation and gone in there yet. I told her I didn't really want another social site. She explained it was more like a virtual wish book. I checked it out and lo and behold, I'm hooked. There are some great pics, quotes, crafts and ideas. See? I'm hooked.  I've even found some really good food and fitness sites from there. And talk about inspiration! There are so many good get-of-your-butt poster quotes on there. I thought I would post some of the ones I've found so far. Enjoy!


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