Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Record in Breezier Times

Trees suffering in these temps...so sad to see brown.
At 730am, the husband and I slipped on workout clothes and gravel dusted shoes and was out the door.  It was a cool and breezy 79 degrees.  It felt unfamiliar after 50+ days of over 100 degree temps.  But man it was something my recent dreams have been made of. That's right...I've actually been dreaming about cool breezes and greenery.   Can you blame me?  So, anyway, it was so good, we found energy we didn't think we possessed.  We ran a little more than usual and walked faster than we have been doing.  After 55 minutes of walk/run intervals we were done.  Looking at the pedometer, I realized we had been doing no more than a 14 minute mile at any point....walking or running.   There was a little celebration of high fives and butt smacking. 

Ducks heckle us on the way home because we are forever empty handed.
Then we made the trek home.  That slow cool down walk from the park to home was probably the most satisfying one I had in a long time.  And the husband had to point out that not once did I complain. He was right.  I know he was feeling good too though. He'd been holding back for my benefit on most walks but he was able to move a bit faster today.  I'm hoping to have more morning outdoor workouts. We don't sweat as much but it is awesome for my morale. 

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