Wednesday, August 10, 2011

21 Days to Conquer the Ninny

So, I didn't get much sleep last night. I had a ton of things running up and down the hall of my mind. I read somewhere this weekend that every now and then, we should just open up our minds to all thoughts. Well, I guess it didn't stress that time shouldn't be bedtime because my body seemed to think that's when it should be. I was a floodgate of thoughts, ideas and randomness. Can't say that I got a lot out of that midnight brainstorm. I did make one decision and that was to try and create another good life habit. You might not know that a few years ago I made a promise to myself to try and smile and at least look positive regardless of how I felt. I read that if you do a thing for 21 days, it becomes habit. Well, I don't know that it took 21 days but it's been about 3 years and now it is habit. Try as I might on the hard days, I can't still my face from smiling when I look someone in the face. It did indeed become habit.

I decided to do this again. This time, it has to do with the negative thoughts that sneak in when I'm feeling lonely, weary, mad, sad, tired, or just plain beaten. You know the ones where you are just walking along and something pops in your mind that tells you that you haven't accomplished much? Or you are working out and you tell yourself that you can't do a move because you are too tired when you know your body is just fine? Or when you lose your job and know it's a good move but then there is a small voice asking 'What if...?' As positive as I try to be, even I can't stop some of those from invading my thoughts. I think I have worked hard to push them away. What I want now it to move beyond the push. I want to pummel them. Trampel them. Smash the hell out of them. Annihilate them! OK...I'm a bit dramatic but you get my point. I don't want them. They never have and never will do me any good.

I can do this. There is nothing spectacular about a negative thought. They come as fast and as simple as one can imagine. No complexity about them. This is something that should be easily conquered. No equations or symbolism needed. I figure I need to meet the 'Negative Ninnies' head-on if I wish to rid my mind of them. No more pushing them away or to the side. I just gotta get in there and get dirty and fight to the finish. And here is where the positive battle shield comes in. The NN will say, 'But can you?' I will ignore that question because those are what the NN's build on. You hear it, you think it, you start to believe it and bam! You stumble and are at risk of changing that question into 'No, I can't.' So, hells yeah I will finish and I will win.

Twenty one days to conquer this pest. Yeah....I can do it.

Quote of the Day: "Complain and remain. Praise and be raised." ~ Joyce Meyer

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