Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Free and Filled Days

My life is a little different since the job loss but only a little. If nothing else, I'm pushing to be better than I ever was.  This generally means trying to begin and finish all the things I have been putting off and starting and finishing new projects. Yes...this means I have confidence that something better will come along eventually.  I'm not one to sit and wait for something to happen anymore.

I completed that patio project. It is about as good as I could get on a small budget. I fully intend to add more more plants as soon as we are released from this terribly crazy thing called Summer.  I cannot see myself subjecting poor plants to these endless triple digit days.  So, I will wait until fall.  Come on Fall!

I've also upped my workouts now that I am free to enjoy the cooler morning temperatures. Sofie and I have been frequenting the less populated industrial part of the neighborhood. The scenery is not as green but there are hills and so few joggers that I don't have to deal with her vicious albeit harmless barking and snarling. We walk a very brisk pace and run a minute every 5 minutes. By the time we hit 2 miles, she's generally worn enough to walk beside me with the 'J' shaped leash. For those of you with a pulling dog, you know how much that shaped when finally achieved, is appreciated. In the evenings, the husband and I hit the trail and then the gym.
The usual suspects...Baxter and Sofie

My Dad has been with us all weekend and will be with us for the remainder of the week. He's a walker as well and can move at a pretty good pace for someone aided by a walking cane. He gets up very early and makes a mile and a half walk around the pond and then back home. I try to make it with him if I'm up early enough. If not, Sofie and I catch up to him as he's ending his. I'm so proud of the fact that at 64, he makes sure he keeps moving. I'm working to make sure I will be that and more by the time I'm his age.

I also dusted off Lola, my bike. Yes, it still feels like someone kicked my butt (Literally!) after riding but I intend to get adjusted in the near future. Maybe I will just invest in a larger seat. My trunk junk ain't no joke and that seat seems to be wanting to play one on me! But I will beat it.

I have been spending some good quality time with the puppies and that's a challenge. They expect so much out of me! I can only toss the toy and chase them so many times a day. But it keeps me moving and it keeps my mind from resting on things it shouldn't.  Between them, the projects, the gym and the husband, I have hours of activity. I'm confident I will be OK with this gift of free time.  Enjoy it while you have it as the husband would say. No need to litter it with worry.

That's about it for me.

Quote of the day: Do not put a question mark where God put a period.

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