Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 9 of the Conquer

So today, day nine of my Conquering, was pretty successful.

I hesitate to mention day eight because it was pitiful. Though I suppose I need to give some time to it.  I was pitiful. Oh, you'd have thought my dog died. I let those negatives get to me like no body's business. I don't know that I would have come out of it had the husband not sent me an instant message. I won't share that message because I'm selfish enough to want to keep it to myself for the time being. Though I did print it and put it on the fridge. It gave me the nudge I needed. But just in case that didn’t work, he texts my sister to come see me and later came home early to spend extra time with me. Bless that man. Now my sister, she was a bit more direct with her ‘cure’. She told me, ‘Oh whatever. Stop whining and get up. You are only premenstrual and you don’t even get cramps!’. Yeah, she’s a hard one but she had me laughing in no time.  Gotta love family.

That's enough of yesterday. Today was a good day. Spent an hour searching jobs online this morning. All before 8am. An hour was about all I could stand and the earlier the better. Wasn't feeling all that great so breakfast was a slice of whole grain toast and plain tea. The dogs wanted to love on me for a while so I let them. I could not bring myself to even think of doing a workout. The husband has been giving me a break on it the last couple of days and I thankfully accept it.

So while cruising facebook with a dog in lap and the other at my side, the husband gets out of bed and starts his morning routine. Eventually he comes and starts telling me about this show I missed last night. I went to bed by 8 so there was no TV time for me. Anyway, I was sitting there listening to his account of the final show of Love In The Wild. Yep...he watched that show. It was so funny listening to him with his french accent excitedly telling me how the final two teams had to fight it out. He was so into it. Telling me how he couldn't believe how much the winning couple were in love. He said, 'Oh they looove each other. Yeah....Like really loooove.' Lol. Ah...he keeps me smiling and doesn't even realize why.

Still no job and I'm getting a bit weary of people asking. It would be different if they followed it up with suggestions but no...just want to know I guess. But to their defense, my weariness also has the aid of hormonal wretchedness and just icky time. I'm uncomfortable and went from scarfing down everything to not wanting to eat anything but drink tea and juices. Maybe the drinking only phase will offset any weight gain that might have happened from the two days of insane eating.

My husband keeps telling me I need to nap in the day because I'm not sleeping well. I thought I was sleeping perfectly fine.  But I've been dreaming like you wouldn't believe. And I remember those mutha's!  I wish I could forget some of least the bad ones. Like the neon green and hot pink snake that chased me.  The one last night was me and my sisters participating in a 5K.  I started it and kept changing my mind and quitting and then starting again.  We all started at different times but I don't recall any of us finishing. I remember waiting on my older sister to round the bin to cheer her on but the dream changed before that happened. It wasn't the worst dream just uncomfortable because there were so many things left undone.  So I guess I've not had the most restful sleep but I don't worry about it too much as long as the days go well.

So, because it was a good day, I welcome day 10.  Working hard to keep it positive and I think I'm gonna do it.

My quote today is dedicated to my family and friends that have been with me through all the tough times. I can only hope you know what you have done to help me.

Quote of the day: 'Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.'—Sally Koch

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