Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sista Big Bones in the Heat

I woke yesterday intending to get a lot of things done.  I rose at 7am and started laundry and putting together a good breakfast.  I kept rubbing my left eye because it seemed it just would not focus and I had my glasses on.  Well, not an hour later, my back started bothering me a little.  I never have back problems so this was odd. The right side just under the shoulder blade ached something terrible.  This was not the usual muscle fatigue from working out.  I tried to shrug it and the eye issue off and continue.  My grocery list was complete and I had every intention of filling it when my husband when to work at the library.  Well, after dropping him there, I turned around and went right back home. They eye had gotten worse (I was seeing double) and the back was crazy cranky.  I went home and lay down.  Sent the husband a text advising of my white flag of a day.  His response was 'I'm sorry your eye is still bothering you.  Get some rest and when I come home, I will give you a back rub.  We can shop tonight.'  Very sweet of him and I went to sleep.  I slept a good 2 hrs.  When he came home, we did indeed go shopping and managed to get everything on the list before the ibruprophen wore off.  He suggested if I felt better tomorrow, we should do our Sunday Six because we haven't done it in a while.  I said maybe and went to bed at 730 and slept till 930.  Up and reading until 1am and finally drifted back to sleep.

Me and the hubs
Still waters mean no breeze. Dang!
Well, I got up this morning and I could see out of both eyes clearly!  Woohoo!  My back still gave me issues.  Still don't know what the deal was.  This might require I actually make a Dr appt.  Anyway, since it's been so darned hot in the evenings, we decided to do our Six early.  Well, his early was 9am.  Mine would have been much earlier and probably cooler.  We hit the lake at 9am on the dot.  It was already 93 degrees and miserable.  No breeze and sun directly overhead.  But it could have been worse I suppose.  It will be worse here in another couple of weeks I'm sure.  Anyway, we nixed the Six and decided on a single round.  After 3 miles I asked if he was intending to go another round.  He panted (my husband panting?!?) a quick no.  I was so relieved.   Physically, we both could have probably gone the 6 but at that point, I couldn't concentrate on form, speed or even the awesome view.  All I could think about was the heat.  It was time to go home. 

My back feels much better. I think the walk actually loosened the muscles.  Another win for walking!  And the husband quoted a lyric from Anthony Hamilton song 'Sister Big Bones.'  He said, 'Sista Big bones, can a brotha walk you home, look like a plate of neck bones, I'd like to keep your body warm.'   LOL.  That made my day!  The lyrics alone make you smile but hearing it spoken in a French accent and add to that I didn't even know he knew this song!  Made my day!
Now it's time to relax the day away. 

Quote for the day:
Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

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