Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Canine Life Coaches

So, I was leafing through the latest Whole Living magazine and noticed the advertisement for Castor and Pollux. Incidentally, this just happens to be my dog's favorite food! Anyway, this particular one shows what looks to be an Australian Shepherd with the phrase 'He's not a pet. He's a life coach.' I love their advertisements because they generally make me think. This one was a pretty good thinker. I started thinking of the things my dogs can teach me. So, I made a list for each dog.

Baxter is:
Patient. Firmly believes good things come to those who wait. Even if it means sitting a minute with a treat on his head. Yeah...I do that.

Loyal to all. If you come in and pet him, he's yours until you stop.

Forgiving. As long as he is petted and stroked, he has totally forgotten the 'wrong-doing' immediately!

Protective but loves on everyone unless of course he senses danger. Otherwise, he's not met a stranger he didn't like.

Non-discriminating. He loves cats, dogs, birds and squirrels.

Sofie is:
Impatient. She believes if you show it to her, it's hers and she deserves it. None of this sitting and waiting business. She will sit when you tell her to but pops right back up. I know in her mind she's thinking, 'I sat now give me my treat!'

Loyal to me. You don't get to pet her because you are not her owner. You don't get to have her loving. You only get suspicion.

Hard to forgive: If you aren't patient and approach her suddenly, or scare her in any way, she will not forgive you for it. She can hold a grudge for a while.

Protects family only. Doesn't matter how nice a stranger is, she will under no circumstance approach them. Might take a couple of hours for her to accept even your presence.

Sofie likes me, my husband and my family. Not so much with other people or animals. She doesn't trust many people. Fears cats. Hates birds and only likes squirrels for the chase.

I do believe they have taught me plenty. They have both definitely taught me patience. The patience is a big one. I am patient and do believe in waiting for the good things. But I also believe that I deserve it and when it is shown to me, I waste no time working to get it. I am loyal to family and close friends. Strangers don't get to know the real me until I've known them a while but I will show politeness and appreciation for them whenever possible.I am forgiving for the most part but I am also a work in progress. I can hold a grudge and have to work and pray it away. It's a challenge but I know it has to be done.I will protect my family (including the dogs) with everything I am. Period.I try not to discriminate. I accept that I am supposed to love all God's creatures no matter what. Again...I'm still working on it.

Love your dogs because they are God's creatures and I do believe he hand-picked each one to teach us lessons that help us become better people.

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