Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Rundown

I had a great weekend.  Finally made the trip down to see my Dad.  All the sibs showed up so it was pretty awesome seeing everyone.  Even got to see my 15 year old niece. She is on my almost-can't-stand-you list.  They all seem to make that list at some point.  She is 15 and knows EVERYTHING and rolls her eyes at everything everyone says. Sofie never warmed up to her which caused barking fits when the niece would walked past her.  It was comical.  Fortunately, after a particularly snippy comment to my older sister, one of my other sisters gave her a 10 minute lecture on respecting your elders.  She's 15 but she was smart enough to at least pretend she listened and acted accordingly.  We don't play!  Ha! 

Daddy creating magic on the pit.
 Anyway, the food was crazy good.  I ended up making a super moist, from scratch ,chocolate cake. Sadly, I didn't write this particular experiment down and now have to try and duplicate it.  You'd think I'd learned by now that when I don't write it down, it comes out fantastic!  I also baked 2 poundcakes.  There was only to be one but it was gone in a couple of hours.  My Dad only had a small slice and he loves poundcake so I whipped up another before I left town.   But speaking of was a spread to remember. It's been a while since we've put out barbecue like that.  Everyone brought meat and my Dad, my husband, bro-in-law, and nephew manned the pitt.  Everything turned out great and for 2.5 days I stuffed myself with this goodness without a thought as to the inches it would add.  It was a celebration and I don't deny when celebrating.  I probably could have gotten a little crazier but I wanted to enjoy the feeling of full without feeling sick.  So, I did hold back a little. 

I know, I know.  You are thinking that this was a terrible thing to do to myself.  Well, I did get some exercise.  My Dad's got a large yard and Sofie had energy to burn.  Since little Baxter suffered from heat and allergies, he couldn't give her the chase she wanted.  That left me.  We ran and played for a good half our in the heat.  I burned some calories and energy.  And to my defense, my womanly time was knocking at the door so I couldn't exactly control ALL the cravings!  I did the best I could. 

We spent time at the cemetary planting flowers on my Mom's home as well as the grandparents and little Alexia.  My husband did a french prayer which was so very special to us all.  I love that man. Afterwards, we said our goodbyes and hit the road.  I have to say it was a miserable drive and I was hella whiney.  My poor husband did all he could to soothe my irritability.  Again....I love him!

After a 4.5 hours drive back home, my husband and I collapsed.  We slept a couple hours and then noshed on salads and fish.  Later we took a leisurely stroll around the pond and came back home to sleep all night.  It was a deep and satisfying slumber.  Luckily, I had taken Tuesday to recoup from the trip and I relaxed most of the day.  Later we took another stroll around the pond but decided to extend it as the husband said he ate a lot and now felt the need to put some miles behind the food. 

Needless to say, looks like we are back on track.  Our relaxing, romantic stroll turned into a 3.25 mile, sweat soaking, 98 degree speed walk.  I had told him my energy level was not where it should be.  Guess he didn't hear that part.  And being the competitive person I am, I didn't listen to myself and finished the walk.  But it felt pretty good.  I'm all showered up and ready for bed now.

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!

Quote for today:If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one.

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