Thursday, June 16, 2011

How I Get It Done

So, the husband and I both arose at 430 this morning.  We fought for the bathroom before even talking.  I won the battle.  I went and lay back down but then decided to look at the clock.  I heard him shuffling around in the closet.  I asked him if we were going to the gym.  He said yes of course.  So, I got back up and got dressed.  Took the dogs out who have been very quick about their business lately.  I think this is due to the fact that they have a walk at 830 every night now as it is cooler.  Anyway, we went to the gym and stepped on the treadmills.  I have been doing a walk/run combo all week because I decided I have not been consistent with my intensity.  So, I needed to have a more structured workout to get back in the groove.  For 45 minutes I did one minute walk and 2.5 minute runs. My pace is much faster walking and running so I at least feel like I've made some strides.  It was an awesome workout. 

We do not however, go to the gym everyday.  We try to make it every other day.  The other days my husband does his own thing and I do mine.  I'm not sure what he does but it works because he can outrun me in any race.  For me, workout videos work before work but sometimes when I've been too lazy to push myself with these, I get that guilty feeling later in the day.  Now, later in the day I am at work so what's a girl to do?  Well, I utilize the stairs.  Not many people know it but I use the back stairwell to sit and talk on my cell with my Dad or the husband on breaks or I try to get in some exercise.  There are not many so I go up and down.  I had gotten up to doing 10 runs up and down but took a break from them for a while (laziness again).  I started back on them last week and came to the realization that I had slacked a little too much.  After 5 runs, I was exhausted. Had anyone come in at that point, they might have thought I was having an asthma attack I was breathing so hard.  So, I have vowed to get back into my work walks and stair climbs. 

Aside from the workouts, I have also been working doing mental workouts.  We all need them and in some instances it harder than a bodily workout any day!  So, the husband has been suggesting weekly trips to the pond to sit at the meditation garden.  He studies while I sit and listen to music, read or write.  It is a good thing to do after a long day at work.  I get to think through some things that I generally push to the back of my mind throughout the day. 

Well, here's to another awesome journey.

My At-Home workout video collection.

The stairway to hell on the thighs!

My meditation spot.

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