Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Weekly Rundown

It has been a long and busy week.  I've not had a lot of time to post but I have been thinking about it.  That just means I snapped a few bad pics with my phone just so I can remember.  Unfortunately, I don't quite remember what all I was going to say about each so I decided to just put them all on one post.

The husband and I sitting in the waiting room at the hospital waiting for the alternate hour to visit my brother. This after a long day of working, then over 2 hours of driving, eating fast food (although it was just grilled chicken tenders, water and fries), annoying teenage niece and nephew, and having to wait every 2 hours to visit.  We left after the 10pm visit and got home at midnight.  I had to be back at work the following day.  Amazingly enough, we still got a workout in.  The reasoning there was it would give us a jolt of energy to make it through the morning.  Did it work?  Yep!

This is a view from the inside of my gym bag.  It wasn't taken purposely.  My phone was in there and got jostled around.  If I had tried it probably wouldn't have come out so clear!

I was going on break at work one day and was passing this lady and halted when I saw her snack combination.  I told her this use to be my everyday afternoon snack.  It was something I thought I could never resist.  She offered me some of the chips but I refused.  I realized later that I have indeed come a long way from the days when I made such bad food decisions.  My coworker told me it probably wouldn't have hurt me to have this every now and again (she the worst at encouraging bad behavior!).  I told her I remember how I felt after eating this particular combination and I didn't care for that feeling again. The bloating and overly full feeling was not so good.  Funny how I knew how I would feel afterwards but would still go for it each day.  I guess my mind is in a different place now.

This was the snack I had instead.  I was out of dried fruit so it was naked nuts!  Lol.  Wow...that  didn't sound right at all. 
My husband prepared this breakfast for me one morning.  I was rushing, grumpy, and snippy.  Forever patient and understanding, he ignored me and went about making breakfast.  I thought he was cooking for himself while I was rushing around.  When I finally stormed from the bedroom, dressed and ready to go, he stopped me and said, 'You are already late.  Relax and eat and then consider how you want your day to go.'    I immediately felt terrible for my bad attitude but felt grateful for him.  Though I will say that line is not his.  It's totally mine.  I've used it on him several times.  How dare he turn it around on me!  Lol.  Love that man!

I was telling a friend that we were low on groceries but she said I couldn't be based on my meals I prepare.  She said this after seeing this combination of yogurt, blueberries and almonds for breakfast and a quick lunch.  Without even considering what it was, she incorrectly assumed this would be expensive to eat everyday.   This led to a debate in the break room regarding eating on a budget vs. healthy eating.  I think I proved my point when showing them my grocery receipt and giving examples of how I now eat.  But I will save that for another post as it was a pretty lengthy discussion.

My biggest accomplishment for the week was introducing a coworker to the wonderful world of Zumba.  She had tried Crossfit with me once but was discouraged by the intensity and quit after just one class.  She recently told me she was tired of being out of shape and was hoping I could help her find something she liked and was comfortable doing.  I suggested Zumba and found a class that was less than a mile from our workplace and had a class time she could fit in.  We agreed to take the Wednesday night class since it is my day off from Crossfit.  Because I wanted to be sure it was a good class, I went alone to the afternoon session on Sunday.  It was fantastic.  The instructor was had a great personality, could keep a beat and the music was all that!  By Wednesday I was excited and so was she.  She did have to use her lunch to purchase a mat as it was a Zumba Toning class.  We went, we danced, we sweat, we was awesome.  She came away spent and smiling.  She said she loved it and purchased a 10 class card.  So very glad I helped her find something she liked.  I hope she keeps it up.

I rounded out my workweek with Friday being stuck in an 8 hour training course.  I had to carpool with a co-worker and this meant I ended up driving her and another coworker to find lunch since their rides stayed put.  Luckily I had packed some snacks (which I gladly shared with another coworker and some other woman sitting near us).  There were awed by my grapes, watermelon, nuts and cheese.  Said it never would have occurred to them to pack healthy snacks.  We ended up discussing nutrition and  physical fitness.  By the end of the class we were fast friends and the decided they wanted to try a class.  We got each other's contact information and  one will be joining me and the other friend for Zumba on Wednesday.  The other coworker (who's new) will be joining me for Crossfit on Monday.   I'm so excited!

So it's been a good week.  I'm so happy to be spending today relaxing.  The husband pulled a hamstring and is resting so he has no plans to workout today.  I however, have already completed my 3 mile walk/run, finished laundry and am going to sit down to some Disney, LMN, and HGTV for the day.

Have a great weekend!

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