Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Want It!

Every weekend the husband and I head out to buy french bread for the week.  I went alone this morning and when I came back he was on Skype with a family member.  He told him I went to buy bread.  The cousin was surprised.  He said he didn't know Americans went to town for bread. Lol.

I liked the image my mind formed with that phrase.  Unfortunately my trip for bread is not so glamorous.  It's more like leaving town to get into the hot car, drive 20 minutes in traffic moving to fast for a leisurely weekend, search for parking, wait for the bread to come out of the ovens (because coming even 10 minutes after they are done can result in no bread at all), and then standing in a slow moving line to pay.  By the time I get home I've spent 40 minutes and $12 for a weeks worth of bread.  How I wish the husband would adapt to good old American sliced white!  I've tried baking a few baguette's myself but as much as I like it, I will not be doing that every weekend!

I did have a point to all this.  While waiting on an oil change I came across a picture in a magazine. Well....actually a couple of pictures.  But one in particular made me think of our bread weekends.

I would love to have this to lug the baguettes around.  It's so cute and stylish.  Much better than my homemade tshirt bag.  Of course it also makes me wish I lived in an area where there are good weekend farmer's markets that I can walk to and wheel my wares back car needed!

Well I don't live anywhere like that but that doesn't mean I never will.  We are in the market for a new place to live and if I can help it there will be specific qualities.   I will be looking for a small town feel with big city convenience, bike/walker friendly roads, decent public transportation, great parks and trails, a fresh market and community events.  Does a place like that actually exists?  We'll see...

Have a great weekend!

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