Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Support

Early morning with weights.  Fun....
Here I am once again drowsy and should be in bed after swiggin' water and a Vicodin.  I don't know what it is about being sleepy that makes me want to be productive.  Anyway, I'm fighting sleep and listening to my husband scream like a girl while watching the NBA game.  He's making me chuckle though now that I think about it, it could just be the meds.  Lol.

So yeah, bursitis flared up after a really good workout weekend.  The husband and I spent time with weights this morning and I was feeling pretty good and made it to the Zumba class tonight.  I had a blast.  Of course after settling in I finally had to admit that I was in some pain and needed something to get me through the night.

Despite all that I just wanted to admit that without the proper support, I would never have gotten where I am in this whole healthy living journey.  My husband has been my biggest cheerleader from the beginning.  A lot of times he's a silent one so he doesn't even know how much he's helped me.  He's probably the most determined and disciplined individual I know.  That being said, I want to publicly thank him for being there.  He admitted to me tonight that before marrying me, he could never have imagined getting up at 5am and working out.  He says he does it because he loves me.  Well, before marrying him, I infrequently got up at 5am to work out only to end up watching CNN or finding a good early morning LMN movie.  Lol.  Having him get up and get dressed sorta guilt's me into staying in line.  Whatever works!  So husband if you are reading this, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  And I love you!

Quote of the Day:  "A happy, contented marriage is one where both partners are constantly looking for ways to build up the other."

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