Thursday, January 19, 2012

Squat and Toss Misery

In case I've never said it, I love my husband.  Right now his company couldn't be more appreciated.
He is caring, sharing, loving and funny.  Well...sometimes he doesn't know it but I laugh at him anyway.  *shrug*  Funny or not, he rescued me from sure misery today.  That's probably being a bit dramatic but I don't care.  I felt it coming on.  You see the workout this morning included tossing a 12lb ball high against the wall and catching it in a squat making sure your butt touched another ball just behind you.  Add to that the alternate move of picking up sandbags high overhead and slamming them to the floor.  The goal was to continuously do this for 20 minutes completing 150 of each.  Upon completion we were to do the regular 50/50 of push ups and sit ups.  I only managed about 75 of the toss and squats, and maybe 80 of the lift and throws things.  Don't even get me started on the sit ups and push ups.  I stopped counting at 10 on the sit ups and maybe 15 on the push ups.  I gave up and went to shower.  Everyone congratulated me on getting this far.  I think they all expected me to not show up.  They just don't know about me and my prove you wrong ego.

Ginger Juice. Yum!
After all that gym foolishness, I came home and whined my way to a back, shoulder, leg and butt rub.  Before you get your thoughts all dirty, there was nothing sexy about it. My underused (and little known) muscles properly introduced themselves today and they were not quiet about it.  The husband said he was proud of me and volunteered (VOLUNTEERED!!!) to give me the rub-down.  He really is not a fan of massage so this was a treat and a half.  I'm sure he was only doing it to get me to stop carrying on like I was dying.  He even took the time to make me a treat because I didn't really have an appetite for the dinner I prepared.  It was a nice glass of ginger juice.  That hit the spot and the complaints sorta just...went away.  Spoiled?  Maybe a little.

So I lie here waiting for sleep and thanking my God that I have someone that has sense enough to give me what I want when I need it....even if it's just to keep me from whining.


Emily said...

What a sweet husband you have! A massage and ginger juice sound lovely :)

Tatorgirl said...

Yes he is! I tell him often but he still thinks I'm just trying to embarrass him.