Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Post-not Rundown

I stayed in bed all day on New Year's Eve, trying to make myself better for the party I was to attend that night.  I made the party and rang in the New Year with good friends and my husband.  I had one dose of Dayquil, ate one rumball, had one sip of wine and a hot dog.  I was home asleep by 1am.

New Year's Day I woke to a super flat tire.  Husband put on the spare and we ended up having to purchase a $68 new one.  After it was changed, I rushed home to shower and change to meet with my husband's friends that made it into town the night before.  They were nice and I fell in love with the Four Seasons hotel. The visit was rushed as we were due at the in-laws for the Ivorian New Year celebration later that afternoon.  We made it to that event and lasted about 5 hours before my husband took pity on my sick self.  I got home and promptly spent the rest of the evening in bed.

January 2nd, I kept an lunch date with my good friend T against my sick better judgement.  I enjoyed her company but was not as animated as usual so I'm not at all sure she enjoyed herself as much as she hoped.  I came home and spent the rest of the day in bed.

That's the rundown on my excuse for not posting any happy, happy, joy, joy, New Year's resolution, why I'm so fly stories.  I was sick.  Really....

Happy New Year!

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