Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Agony of Starting Over

I am living proof that stopping something just because you didn't feel like it is a huge mistake.  A few months back I use to use my breaks (at my old job) as mini workouts.  I had started taking the stairs and running up and down them.  RUNNING!!  Well, after the lay-off, I just stopped.  Not because I lacked stairs.  As a matter of fact here is a perfectly good three story flight right outside my door.  I just didn't feel like it.  In other words, I was being lazy.
As you all know, there are consequences to lazy.  I want to talk about the consequences of starting up a stair workout again.  Starting up again not only reminds you that your fitness level is lower; it also reminds you that you must suffer the pain all over again.  You know the one I'm talking about.  The one where you stopped looking ahead as you climbed the stairs because you fear that you've only made it to the 2nd floor.  You had several more flights to go because you didn't want to call yourself a quitter.  The one where it hurt just to think about sitting down or standing up.  The one where you cursed yourself for also vowing to drink more water because it meant constant trips to the 2nd floor bathroom. The bathroom without a handicap stall containing railings to hold on to as you try to find the least painful way to sit down. Men have it so easy! 

Folks, that is where I was (am) today.  But I won't let it keep me down.  Even with the thigh and calf muscle soreness, I went back did another mini workout on my lunch break.  No stairs, but I did a nice brisk walk around the track.  It helped limber up the muscles enough that they didn't ache as much when I went back in.

So my advice to you if you are thinking of 'taking a break from working out' is don't give in.  Just don't.  It's totally not worth it.

Quote of the Day: "The pain of disipline is far less than the pain of regret"

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