Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Polly Wolly-damned-Doodle!

It was 104 degrees today and I spent a good portion of those degrees on the patio trying to make it meditative and welcoming to me.  Since I have time on my hands, I have given myself projects. Today was the patio. I stretched, climbed and sweat my way through trimming plants, beating rugs, cleaning chairs, hanging shades and sheers all the while trying not to hurt myself.  I had to use my step from The Firm workouts to hammer in nails and screws to hang curtains and other decorative items. There was something in that outdoor rug that aggravated my allergies.  Had a running nose and at one point a bloody one. But it was all worth it.  I was done and thought I could relax in that satisfaction.

Then the husband came home and reminded me that we committed to doing another outdoor workout today. I was tired and didn't want to but I wasn't going to give in to it.  I had already finished dinner so we only needed to hit the trail. And we did.  It was another one of those challenging ones.  Oh how I wish I liked working out.  Like all the time. Sometimes I'm gung ho and kill it.  Other times I'd swear it was trying to kill me.  Today was one of those days. I even admitted this to my husband because I'm sure he doesn't know this.  I told him, 'Husband, I wouldn't be out here in this ridiculous heat, sweating like a crazy woman if you weren't here.'  He disagreed saying I would. I insisted, telling him no. If I felt the need to workout, I would likely whip out a DVD or half-ass it at the gym.  He still didn't believe me. Bless that man and his innocence.  I gave up.

We came to a small dip and jogged down it and somehow simultaneously and silently agreed to keep jogging for a bit.  It was good. Then when crossing the street, I stepped up and apparently did something wrong and felt the little ping and pop in my knee.  That ended the jog for me.  I cursed myself for not paying attention to the step up. At this point, I was no longer feeling the workout but I kept going. It didn't really hurt but was just uncomfortable and commanded my attention to how I was stepping. That was annoying.  We completed the 1st hilly loop and the husband asked if we were going home or doing another round. I did not want to do another round but it had more to do with me making excuses than me not being able to do it. So, I grudgingly said, 'Let's just do another and hurry it up!'  I noticed he slowed down but I didn't. I just wanted it done.

Just as we were hitting the hill, that stupid ice cream truck rounds the corner.  I must have tuned it out the 1st time because there is no way I could have missed the music.  Oh but this time I noticed.  Polly Wollydoodle was the tune it played.  Ice Cream truck music and a ridiculous hill on a bothersome knee was the equivalent of hell on Earth.  Why me? WHY? I looked at my husband and he looked at me and laughed saying, 'I know you hate it.  We are almost finished.'  Thank God!  Aside from the damned truck music, I was also wrestling with my mind. I don't think there has been a time when I've had to talk myself out of quitting like today. It was quite an argument I had going on up there. Good thing I don't always voice my thoughts. Talk about crazy!

Well, we made it home in good time considering the situation. We completed 3.76miles in just under an hour.  I'm a little sore and whined until I got a knee massage and some TLC.  I'm OK with being the drama queen every now and again.  Today proved once again that I am not yet where I want to be. I was fine physically but mentally I totally could have quit.  That is not OK.  I will have to keep working and being the crazy girl that argues with her quitting mind. But I tell you, if I'm near the 'snap' stage and that Ice Cream truck is near, I will not be held responsible for what happens to it! Lol.

Quote of the day:  Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look like a winner.

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