Friday, July 15, 2011

I've Found That Lovin' Feeling!

So, the husband and I did another outdoors workout.  In case any of you are wondering why the heck we would endure the high heat instead of the coolness of the gym, I will tell you it was necessary. We were going to the gym and it got to be boring and we were really missing our outdoors. Normally, we would have been doing the walks anyway but when the temperatures hit 100 degrees and stayed that way, we stayed indoors.  As many of you know, when you get bored with workouts, you tend not to work as hard. We fell into that habit. Just going through with the motions on one machine and moving to the next.  And I don't know about you but looking at myself in the gym mirrors slugging it out on another machine is not very inspiring. 

Then my husband decided that his cholesterol was getting to close to the max mark, he vowed to clean up his eating again and decided to take the workouts back outside to mix it up.  Of course this meant I had to follow.  Now I'm not at all saying these workouts are easy. They are grueling and the sun beating down on us is just not all that pleasant. But we are smart enough to change our usual gravel trail (with zero shade relief) to a location where there are nice, shady,mature trees.  It provides a nice break.  There are water stops and plenty of people frequent it. And the hill on this one is one that speaks to me and I cuss back. 

I complain and I whine about this mixing it up game the husband has thrown at me but man, do I feel so much better. I'm feeling more accomplished and feel like I'm back in the game.  When the gym workouts became too routine, I got bored and lost that 'lovin' the active life' feeling.  Now it's back and I'm so very thankful. 

Happy Trails peeps!

Quote of the day: "That's not sweat , It's my body crying..."

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