Monday, July 2, 2012

Loving Right Now

When I pulled my car into my parking space at about 5:30pm, I was filled with relief.  The workday was finally done.  I got out and was met with the neighbor from upstairs.  Her existence chipped away at my relief.  She hemmed and hawed before asking if she could borrow money.  Mind you I don't know her that well.  In fact I don't even know her name.  I loaned her a few bucks once and ever since she's like a fed stray cat.  She will not go away but I tolerate her.  But I draw the line at meeting me at upon my arrival home.  I told her I don't carry cash, I'm tired and I just want to go inside.  She said she understood.  She didn't but I don't think she's all there.  Luckily the Lord had pity on me and showed me a little more light.  As I was walking to my door, I saw Alex coming from the dog run with my Sofie.  Sofie saw me from afar and was unsure it was me.  She paused, stopped and the looked up at him and back at me.  He waved her to me and she took out at a full run towards me.  Man...that sort of doggy love makes you feel so much better.  After getting love from her I walked in and Baxter gave me attention.  Last but certainly not least, the husband welcomed me with open arms.  At that point, I was totally loving THAT now.

You might have noticed I've been MIA with the blogging.  June was a busy month and it doesn't seem like July will bring any relief.  The husband and I have been so busy we barely see each other even if we are home.  He's taking an accelerated accounting course and I'm seeing just how much of a perfectionist he is.  Whereas I would take a B grade in such a class and be OK with it, he pretty much considers it a fail.  We are very different that way. I'm crazy busy at work and have even been bringing a little bit of work home.  I've been working to organize our system a little more because the lack of order is driving me crazy. As a result, he's usually at the dining room table with books, flashcards, laptop and highlighters.  I work at my desk (or sitting in bed) with papers spread all around me and a frown on my face.  Guess you can say we've had a lot of Excel, PowerPoint, and Quickbook evenings.

On top of all that, we are both fighting to stay upbeat.  Family and friends can be hard on emotions and although the two of us are positive people, even we dip below the happy every now and again.  We've been dealt some hard blows of late but are blessed to have each other to talk it out. I've been guilty of wrestling between taking care of myself and taking care of other members of the family.  He had to remind me that if I don't take care of myself, I'll be no good to anyone else.  Of course I love the fact that I can turn around and say the same thing to him.  Together we are something else!

There are so many things that I've started to blog about and not finished.  It's not that I'm blocked or anything.  It's just that my focus changes from hour to hour.  I really need to work on that.  But right now I'm going to appreciate the fact that I am spending a work-free evening watching mindless television and snuggling with my best canine buddies on one side and the hubby on the other.  Yep....I'm loving right now!

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