Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Four Point Workday

It was such a long and hard day at work.  There was so much to do and plenty of time but not enough order to realize that.  I left feeling deflated.  On my drive home, I worked hard to try and tally up the good points in the day.  I figure if you are going to keep track of the bad parts, it's only fair to also tally up the good ones.
I was standing in the grocery line this morning and I noticed this display.  Well I noticed two things.  Candy is so much more expensive than it use to be.  I remember when it was like three for a dollar.  I also noticed that in the past I would have tossed a couple of packages on the conveyor belt along with my groceries.  Now I hardly even notice it and I  leave without picking up anything extra. I was so very proud of myself.  One point for me!

We've had near mutiny over white-out at work.  We started out with some pretty decent cartridges.  Apparently they cost too much so they found these gems.  This is what happens when you try to save money on office supplies.  They keep telling us not to buy our own because it could get expensive as we do a lot of redacting.  This particular type is just terrible.  It has the worst tension and falls of the reel and you end up with loose tape everywhere.  Being one who hates to waste (while everyone tossed theirs in the waste out of frustration), I figured I'd go the rub route.  It's time consuming but works and the end result is about the same. So what if I end up with this electrostatic mess.  It beats using the office powers that be's solution...white china markers.  Ick! Two points for me!

While we are on the topic of office supplies I might as well mention my sad stapler story.  I had a black, plastic cheap one.  It had a bad habit of getting hung up.  The beige beauty above is my 'new' one.  This is one I confiscated from the vacant back desk.  I saw it and thought it had that old-fashioned look that I like.  It's real metal and staples with purpose.  It does it's job and let's go of the paper like a proper stapler should.  I mentioned it to my manager today.  She laughed and said I should just switch them out.  Well don't mind if I do!  In my opinion this beats the ever-popular red Swingline any day. Three!

I managed to get to work this morning without realizing I had neglected to eat breakfast. About three hours into working, my stomach let me know what had happened.  And talk about a crabby mood!  Who knew?After whining and complaining about needing something to eat, a friend reminded me that I had food in the break room fridge.  This is what I ended up eating.  It's yogurt, blueberries, and a crushed nut mix.  Very tasty and it put me in a much better mood. Four points!

Four points.  I could go for five but I'd like to save some for another day.  Find the positive points in your day and tally 'em up!  You'll be pleasantly surprised. Happy Independence Day!

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