Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pizza and Me (Part 2)

A few months back I did a small post about frozen pizza.  My consumption of pizza is far and in between but I do like to indulge when I get a craving.  On my way home from work I called the husband to see if he had already planned a Friday night meal.  He had just gotten home and had not.  I told him I wanted pizza.  He said if I wanted it I should order it.  I told him to save money I would rather just get a frozen one and I would stop home first and we could go together.  We did that and after checking out the deli take home pizzas, and the many frozen versions, I landed on the Freschetta's Harvest Supreme.  It was only $4.98.  That totally beats spending $12 + tip for delivery.

As you can see the packaging is very eye catching.  

I was pleasantly surprised to see there was plenty of ingredients. 

I baked mine on a pan as opposed to the rack because I have problems pulling it from the oven without making a mess.  It came out nice and crispy. 

How did it taste?  I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised.  The feta and spinach combination was great and the chewiness of the sun-dried tomatoes complimented it well.  The Italian sausage was sparse but I think more would have been overkill.  I will definitely try this one again. 

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